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New Writer

Hello dollies,
I'm seila1986 and I will have 2-3 Make-up videos every week. I've got exams now so if you don't see me a lot in this blog just know that in 2 weeks I'll be free for a new video everyday so : D... Now I need models to do the make-ups. Complete this form if you're interested:
Stardoll name:
What style do u have:
How many pages of make-up do u have:
Why do u think I have to choose u:

 Well it seems I had a problem and I couldn't upload the video I made so I made it in photos. Sorry for it...:

Next time it'll be a video so....
By Seila1986

Natural Male Make-up (NMM) ~Make-up Trends~

Hello, Its Nataliya aka Nicholeia again. I'm going to do male make-up.
Don't worry its NATURAL! This is what I did

What I used:
Loccitane Pale Pink Eyeshadow
DOT White Eyeshadow
DOT White Eyeliner
DOT Blush
Loccitane Blush Stick


I hope you liked it

The Stardoll Chronicles:DVF black oversized bow

Hey guys :) Our theme for today is DVF oversized black bow(DVFOBB). It was released from the store DVF    
back in June 2010.At the time there were released 4 bows but the most rare right now is DVFOBB!When it was released,it only worthed 12sd!Now if you want to own one you have to pay 700sd+! 

Here is a picture of it:

Here is a picture of it in real life:

My rate for it:
5/5! ofc

That's the end for today :)
I'd love to hear what you think so comment!
What do you want my next post be about?

New outfit+make-up!

Hello everyone!Tomorrow I have new outfit+make-up!

And the make-up!

Please write your comments!


Simple Fresh Look ~Make-up Trends~

Hello, I'm Nataliya aka Nicholeia. I've just been trying out new looks and everything.
Today I just wanted to do a natural look. I didn't wanna put on a whole lot of make-up on my doll.
I just don't have imagination right now. (LOL) So this is a cute natural look you can put on.

What all I used:
Loccitane Eyeshadow
(Pale Pink)

Loccitane Eyeshadow
(Pale Orange Eyeshadow)
DOT Peach Eyeshadow
DOT White Eyeliner
DOT Lengthing Mascara
DOT Peach Blush
Sunny Bunny Eyelashes
Beauty Mark

I sure hope you enjoyed this post
xoxoxox~ Nicholeia


New writer+Make Up/Dress Up Idea:D

Im the writer for make up/dress up ideas:D Today I will show you an idea for summer make up and dress up!
The make up:

The Dress up:

Hope You like it:D Bye for now...
Rafaela xx(:


HotBuys Dress: Released 28/5

The 10th and last HB Of May was released today 28/5.
It's the Floral Dress from Bonjour Bizou
It costs 24sd

...for the dress to appear in your dressing room ;)

Real Life Version:
Floral Dress by Betsy Johnson

-What do you think of this HB Dress? Will you buying it?

- Demi / ...sloggi...

June 2012: Hotbuys

My name is Demi, im 16 years old and im the new writer here in stardoll4coolgirls blog. I will be writing about HotBuys.. the new Hotbuys released and etc.
*I have a request.. Please comment on the posts I do with your thoughts and stuff.*
It would make me happier than ever. I hope you have a good time and I also hope my posts satisfy your requirements.


So enough with me. These is the June 2012 HotBuys Collection.

•HB Peace Scarf- 2nd June•
•HB Jungle Dress- 5th June•
•HB Shorts- 9th June•
HB Jungle gown- 11th June•
•HB Tassel Earrings- 14th June•
•HB Techno Top- 16th June•
•HB Plastic Basket- 19th June•
•HB Mesh Swimsuit- 22nd June•
•HB Techno Platforms- 25th June•
•HB Belt Swimsuit- 29th June•

Below you can see the HotBuys June 2012 Calendar I made.
My request.. if you want to copy the picture or anything please give credit to me.

(Click for the image to enlarge)

-What do you think of the new HotBuys? What will you be buying?


- Demi / ...sloggi...

Harajuku Style ~Make-up Trends~

Alright this look took me forever. It took a bunch of brainstorming K-pop and TV
to get this. This user had made a comment on one of my post. I thought it was just the sweetest
So this is a gift to the blog and to this user
@nansy7 This is for you.

The look is called Harajuku. Its inspired by Harajuku style and 2NE1

So here is the picture

First you change the features
It should look like this
besides all of the jewelry (Its a glitch sorry)

The make-up you'll need is
Loccitane Blush stick
Loccitane Eyeshadow
(Pale pink color)
DOT black eyeshadow
(Valentines day collection/edition)
DOT black eyeshadow
DOT black liquid liner
DOT white liquid liner
DOT eye definer
DOT Kohl Black eyeliner
DOT White Eyeliner
DOT Volume Mascara
DOT Lengthing Mascara
DOT Peach Blush
Sunny Bunny False Lashes

Tear drops (3 in each eye)
Beauty marks
(design them anyway you like)
Black tear drops (ink tear drops)
Sunny Bunny
Nose Piercing Sunny Bunny

How much will it all cost together:
Over 200-300 stardollars/starcoins

This is what it should look like when you are done

I sure hope you enjoyed this post
Goodbye! Special shout out to @nansy7

New Outfit!

Hello girls and boys!How are you?Today I made an elagant outfit with pink, black and red colours!Have a look!

Skirt-->RIO, 5 stardollars
Blouse-->BASICS, 35 starcoins
Jacket-->FALLEN ANGEL, 13 stardollars
Bag-->BONJOUR BIZOU, 6 stardollars
Shoes-->VELVET ORGHID, 6 stardollars
Leggings-->BASICS, 38 starcoins



Makeup Trends

Hello My name is Nataliya. Its my first time posting on here.
I'm so excited to be excepted as a writer. Thank you so much
to Demi_Lovanto_2 for letting me be apart of her blog. She's the most nicest
person I know on Stardoll.

Makeup Trends

The classical black and white style white black and white eyeliner
How much does the make-up cost

Black eyeshadow
cost 6 stardollars

White eyeshadow
cost 5 stardollars

White eyepencil
cost 6 stardollars

Kohl black eyepencil
cost 6 stardollars

Lengthing mascara
cost 2 stardollars

Black liquid liner
cost 3 stardollars

White liquid liner
cost 3 starcoins

The total that you would spend is
25 starcoins

You can get it from DOT

The next trends that won't go out of style.... EVER!!

False eyelashes
They are from Sunny Bunny

How much does it cost:
Right eyelash
cost 6 stardollars

Left eyelash
cost 6 stardollars

lower right eyelash
cost 6 stardollars

lower left eyelash cost
6 stardollars

Well that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed my post

Goodbye~xoxoxo Nicholeia

New Writer + The Stardoll Chronicles:Black Leather Platforms

Hello everybody!I'm Maria and i'm the new writer here in stardoll4coolgirls.I will write about the stories of stardoll rares 3 times a week.Here is my first post about Black Pleather Platforms :D

It was December 2nd when they were released for the first time from Bonjour Bisou.At 
the time they worthed only 2sd.One month later (January 3rd) they were rerealesed from Archive 
for 5sd.When they left Archive they became instantly one of the rarest thing everybody wanted.When Stardesign Jewelry came out a lot of people tried to make them
Now they worth 500SD+

Here is how they look in real life:

My rate for it:


That's it for today
Did you like it?
What do you want my next post be about?

New writer+outfit!

Hi everyone!I' m a new writer at this great blog!My name's Anastasia and I'm 13 years old!I live in Greece!I will write about new outfits and I will do my best to make them really good!So, here is my first outfit in this blog!

It is a casual outfit, which you can wear for a walk!My inspiration  was spring-summer and the floral patterns that are in-fashion these days!
Blouse with flowers-->MISS SIXTY, 16 stardollars
Red blouse-->BASICS, 35 starcoins
Jeans-->MISS SIXTY, 16 stardollars
Shoes-->RIVIERA, 5 stardollars
Bag-->MISS SIXTY, 18 stardollars
Earings-->GLAMrUS, 75 starcoins

I wait for comments!


Writer "results" :D

Hey girls and boys :D Thanks to everyone who applied as a writer :D
Here are the people who are in:

Every writer has to contact me in private message on stardoll with her email :)
Thanks :D