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cosmetics for non-ss

This month(October) opened a new shop -not in starplaza- wich has cosmetics, and i mean mascara, lipsick and some other cosmetics for non-ss!! So to go there all you have to do is copy and paste this link: http://www.stardoll.com/en/starplaza.php?startItemIds=36022,36026,36027,36028,36029,36030,36033,36034,36035
What I think about it: Its awsome because now non-ss can also buy cosmetics and they can also look pretty (prittier than without them).

So.. hope you like it (:

Posted by: Χριστίνα|Christine|ChrisMat

new writter!


  I'm new here and like to have fun and read my articles with excitement! will inform you of the beauty and secrets face!I hope it helps you enough!
Let's get started!

Firstly to show you a nice makeup on stardoll!

I hope you enjoyed it! Will then inform you how to have beautiful skin without pimples.
It would be good for nice and tight skin you put on your face every morning cold water and cold water at night!
A person without pimples should put lemon in point.

kisses, pelagia_koutlis!


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Pick of the day (October 30th 2011)

Hi, today’s pick of the day is Emerald Embroidered Dress from Volie for 16 Stardollars. My opinion I don’t like this dress. The green is not nice. The design of the dress is not nice. But if you like the dress then go ahead and buy it! I’m not stopping you.

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