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New BASICS & Hotbuys outfit ! I

Hello all ! I'm happy that I'm back again . So I'll saw you an outfit with the February hotbuys and then one with the new BASICS !
Frbruary Hotbuys :
Do you like them ? Please leave a comment :)

Kisses , pitifriki

New Basics

Hello dear readers,
Stardoll has recently released some new floors at the
Basics Store.The clothes are really cheap and in my opinion
they are very beautiful (compare to the previous).
Take a look here:

What do you think? Do you like them?
Are you going to buy anything?

Kisses ~ PinkSantal


outfit for ss

Hey everybody :) I am ChrisMat and I am going to show you an outfit for ss. I decided to do an outfit from evening falls because it's all 25% off in this shop :D
so.. Let's see the outfit:
here is what I used and how much it costs :

For all of them: 49 stardollars.

Hope you like it :)