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♥New writter+makeup tutorial..!!♥

Hello sweeties..
♥...I am fikokounelaki on stardoll..My real name is Maria...♥
I am new writter for makeup tutorials..!!

I made photo tutorial..

I hope you like this makeup..
and i want comments..;pxx

Maria..(fikokounelaki on stardoll)

I'm back :D

Demi_Lovanto_2 here :)
Yeah, I know i've been away for too long.. but, here I am again :D

Thanks to Gucci_girl16, it has been noticed that the blog is unactive again!

So from now on, I promise I will be here every day, writing for all the hot stuff happening in real and stardoll life!
*writers won't be excluded from the blog if they write ;)*

Hope this blog will be your favourite!
Coming back with new topics and competitions :)




Hello dollies.

I'm so sorry I looked today for Spoilers and I didn't find nothing.

But I have another question to you all:

What do you find about the Blog?

I'm not the owner of the Blog but I think the Blog isn't much active at the time..

So I was thinking about opening my personal Stardoll Blog.



Thanks for your comment!



Hey guys :( This is my last stardoll4coolgirls.blogspot.com comment! i am leaving the blog because 1.i am going to open my own blog where i need writers by the way (mystardolldiarie.blogspot.com) and 2.stardoll4coolgirls is not very organised and as a result we miss some important sd news and as a result of that we have veeery few visitors! i wanted you to know that i had a great time here and that all my co-blogers were amazing! bye bye


New Spoiilers

Hello dollies.

I hope your all fine..

Sorry for not posting a lot about Spoilers. But I take a look everyday if there are new Spoilers and I make the post when I have enough items.

I have found today these beautiful Spoilers for you:

I really love the white trousers and the little black bag with the golden chain.
Also the white shoes with the black points looks really cute. And what you think about the blue Tunic?It's amazing for the SUMMER! I hope they are coming soon to Stardoll!



Thank you for your comment.


LE 2012 collection

This is so exciting. They made LE for guys now.
LE's new spring collection

Sorry no new make-up for today


new Spoiilers

Hello cutie dollies (:

Boring sunday afternoon and I was checking out the Spoilers...

and that's what i've found:

There are some man clothes and not so lovely girls clothes. I don't like nothing..the clothes looks really bad I think...

I hope the next Spoilers where better and looks more gorgeous!

What about you?




~Make-up trends~ STARDOLL EDITON!/Katy Perry

Today I will be showing you how to wear red lipstick:

ow with red it's a very bright colour so it should be applied differently depending on what type of lips you have.

If your doll has big lips (like mine) Do not apply it like this if you have lots of eye make up on:

I know it doesn't look too bad but if you have lots of eye make-up on aswell it makes you look sort of like a clown. But I have seen some dolls look good like this.

Here is how you should apply it:

It looks weird close up but in your suite it will look amazing!

So if you have small lips you can put it everywhere like so:

This was by the user-itr15

Ideas to jazz up your nails both on stardoll and in real life!

Silver Lining: Try a French manicure with coloured tips! Metallic colours can work especially well and it’s a fun way to try out the metallic trend without it being too overpowering. Use a small nail art brush to line the tips – be sure to paint the edge of the nail aswell to seal in the colour!

Statement Nails: Geometric designs make a bold summer statement – try out checked designs by drawing a cross on the nail with an eyeliner pen and then filling in from the corners. Colours that clash compliment here especially well!

Pattern Power: To make intricate patterns on your nails, use a toothpick dipped in polish! Make sure the base is completely dry before you try this though – have fun with different patterns and match them to your accessories!

On Stardoll: A cool thing to try is to enlarge nail jewels and use them as rings! It’s a good way to use any left over pieces that you didn’t put on your nails. As a bonus you save more money!

Polish off: Remember to apply a coat of clear gloss over the top – it protects the polish from chipping and adds a great shine to your nails. Invest in a sparkly gloss aswell: this is especially good for parties!

This is by the user-ShyViolette

This is the Katy Perry look. I did thia because I'm going to see the movie today. I cannot wait!

If you missed it here is a trailer.



The Stardoll Chronicles : HB General Jacket + Contest

Hey everybody :) Unfortunately we didn't have any winners for the ELLE Modern Extra Long Blazer because noone participated! :( This time our rare to discuss is the HB General Jacket from Bonjour Bisou.It was released in August 10th 2010!At the time that it was released it only cost 13sd! Now it worths 500sd!It's one of the rarest HB's!

                                   Stardoll Version :

For our contest this week you have to make an outfit with the HB General Jacket.Ive made some research and i found some dolls that have it like HAPPY_ABBA and Fashion_Queen17!Here are the rules :

1.You can only participate once
2.You dont have to be an ss to participate
3.You cant copy the outfit of other dolls
4.The rare has to be visible on your outfit
5.You have to put your outfit on tumbrl or tinypic or anything else
6.Then come here and paste the link of your outfit on the comment box along with your stardoll username
7.First place wins 30sd and 2nd and 3rd places win gifts
8.The contest happens only if i have at least 5 participants

The contest lasts from 2/7 to 7/7

How was it?Please rate it!
What do you want my next
post be about?x


Spoilers & Sorry

Hello dollies..

I'm so sorry for not updating the spoilers in the Blog.

But last week I was on Holiday with my class and this week was really stressful for me.

I have found some new Spoilers, but I think they are some free items don't know. what you think?

Here are the Spoilers:

Now I have more time for posting Spoilers, 'cuz I have passed my exams and next month I will start a new job for 6 months. (Yes I know I'm 18 but here in Switzerland things goes like that)

Have a nice sunday evening.