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Pink & Eminem

Hey cool girls & boys :) How are you?

Back here with our music news :D

"Here comes the Weekend" Pink & Eminem

Last summer, Pink had announced that her comeback album "The Truth About Love" will contain two collaborations with two favourite artists, Lilly Allen & Eminem. 
"Here comes the Weekend" is one mid-tempo party track by Pink ft. Eminem :)

Would you like to listen it?

Do you like this song? :)

Write us your opinion!

See you soon, Christina


Νew video for One Direction :)

Here in SFCG we know that every cool girl wants to know everything happening in the world :)

So we bring you the Music News :D

New video: 1D - Live While We're Young

The One Direction video is already out online, even before the original premiere of the single!
"Live While We're Young" is another really nice 1D single which is going to reach the top charts!

Watch it here:

What do you think?
Do you like One Direction? 

kisses, Chrisitna


Yeah for the Blog :D

Yeah... I have decided to care about this blog only from now and on, when talking about stardoll :)

I know i am a bad owner, and this is a boring blog, but I will try to make it as fun as possible ;) So stay tuned ;D


Black Swan Makeup

Hello readers, and followers! I would like to give my dearest apology for not posting recently. I just entered High School last week, and I'm shocked on how much homework I have been receiving. Anyways, moving on. I was inspired to do some makeup on stardoll today. Hence the title, my inspiration is the black swan. 

Black Swan Makeup

Adjust the skin color to be very pale, and white.

Choose the lightest eye brow color, and make it to 0% in opacity.

Choose any hairstyle, but to go with the poser, I chose this short, wavy hairstyle.

Choose the lips on page 4, and choose row 1, lip style 3.

In the movie poster, you can see that Natalie Portman's (The Black Swan) cheeks are "contoured." Meaning that bronzer and dark colors are applied to the hollows of the cheeks to make it look like natural shadows. So, adding some light brown shadow helps contour the cheeks of me-dolls.

For a brighter cheek color, add some bronze blush.

(Look so far)

Add some dark red lipstick to the lips. LUXE lipshine gloss is an optional choice, but I personally like the lipstick better.
Add a darker red lipstick in the center of the lips.

(Optional) Add some false lashes & get some black liquid liner, and put it in the inner corner of the eye.

Add some black pencil liner and go over the areas of the liquid liner.

Add some black eyeshadow and make the outer sides have an exaggerated point.

Add some dark blue eyeshadow to exaggerate the black eyeshadow. 

Take a purple liquid liner and add it in the inner corners of the eyes.

Add some black lengthening mascara.

Add some false lashes.

Add red contact lenses to make the look appear more creepy.

And you're done!
This is an excellent look that can be used during Halloween on stardoll!

Good luck and leave tutorial requests! ;)


Top hairstyles and crazy hairstyles

Hey, Martii here! I can't really find anything about stardoll, sorry. Anyways. Moving on :] I've surfed the internet to find a few hairstyles and I will post some which really interested me.

 Beachy waves:

So what I really like about beachy waves is how it just shows off the curls. I love that hairstyle, I also think adding 2 or more plaits near the front makes it look even more trendy!(:
Messy hairstyles:

Its not always all about looking beautiful and neat, the messy hairstyle shows you don't care too much, which really looks cool!(: When I'm rushing to go somewhere and my hair is not right, I just put up a messy bun, which saves stress and getting angry because your hair looks messed up. But if your ever rushing, or even if your going to a special occasion, then messy hairstyles are always great!

Even straight hair can hold these curls. Prep damp hair with volumizer, and blow-dry with a round brush. Next, wrap sections of hair around a medium-barrel curling iron, stopping an inch or two from the roots. Place the curls randomly so they don't look like old-fashioned ringlets. Hope these tips helped, I have tried this hairstyle before for a party, and believe me my friends and even strangers were complimenting me!

HOPE YOU ENJOYED THEM! (: Now I will show you some hairstyles that just amazed me, and will probably amaze you too:
Wow!!! This is amazing O: Its been teased a lot as you can see, and its a bigger version of Lady Gaga's bow!! That probably amazed you, right? :]

Move over Lady Gaga, new crazy hairstyle! Wow, this just amazed me, an amazing hairstyle artist must have done this hairstyle, what do you think of it? I'm absoulutley amazed! Or maybe it's a wig? Comment on what you think. (:
Picture copyrighted by me.[':
This isn't a crazy hairstyle, but it reminds me of the one that Stardoll are selling in the shop 'Tress Up'. Does it remind you of that hairstyle from Stardoll, it sure does to me.

Thank you all SO much for reading. I hope you enjoyed, comment below of what you think!(': Xoxox Martyna/Starbuster15


Get votes! Comp ;)

Hello everyone :) Demi_lovanto_2 here :D
As all of you know, miss stardoll world 2012 is here :)
We want to give you as many votes as we can to help you make your dream come true!

Send us your video, in comments and the one with the best video will be voted by the whole blog :)
Get an example here:

-Your video must be no longer than 1 minute
-It shouldn't envolve real life voices or people

Post the link of your video in comments :)
Good luck!

Till then... Please..

Bye, Christina :)


Outfit Of The Day!

Hello readers and followers! Some of you may not remember me, but some might. I'm Kayci, or on stardoll you'll know me as kkrrbb78. I met Christine through my blog (kkrrbb78stardoll.blogspot.com) & I've been writing for this blog for a while, but I had to take a long break for school work and exams. Now, I'm finally back! I'm glad to be posting again. I still do not have my correct topic, unless Christine likes this topic, but for today I'm just going to be showing you all my outfit of the day on stardoll. Enjoy & follow! 

Olsenboye Plaid Halter Dress ~ 12 scs (originally 12 sds- Unavailable)
Soft White Top ~ 9 sds (from Pretty n' Love)
Blows White Robe ~ 14 sds (Riviera)
Black Leather Bow Belt ~ 4 scs (originally 4 sds- Bonjor Bizou)
Lace Up Heels ~ 5 scs (originally 5 sds- )Bonjor Bizou)

In Total:
Original- 42 stardollars
Now- 35 stardollars & 9 starcoins

Wow, these items really lost their value after a while! 

Comment & Follow ;)

-kkrrbb78 xoxo


Come on..

Hello sweeties...I went on holiday and today i am back with a new makeup photo-tutorial..
I hope you like it but i want many many comments..


Do you like it..??!!

Love you sweeties....
fikokounelaki (on stardoll)



You now can be our Model!

What does this mean? 
Well, Autumn is almost here, so we'll need a new banner for a start. I need a girl who will be with my doll on our blog banner :D 

What will I win?
Except for being at our basic banner, you will get a free graphic with your doll, gifts, starcoins or stardollars, and you will be able to advertise your suite, doll, clubs, blogs etc 3 times at our blog :)

How can I win?
To start with, you should just comment on this post with a photo of your doll! If your doll is beautiful and made with your own style, you'll be in the competition!

So, come on, what do you have to lose?
Enter now!


Spoilers Spoilers we like

Hello Dollies.

I promised you in my last Post, that I will search for you the latest Spoilers.

& finally I found them now:

There are also some HotBuys items.
I really love the purple zebra shoes from the HotBuys August 2012! They look amazing and I can't wait for them!

But about the Spoilers, I don't really like them...The clothes are not my Style and I don't think I will buy something from them. But the Top with the Leoprint and the purple, green, blue and orange stripes looks gorgeous!

What do you think of them?

I'm going to tell you that I have take the decision that I don't leave this Blog and I will also not open a personal Stardollblog. The competitors are a lot and you need a lot of time for making a Blog really popular and good enough!

Tomorrow I start my new Job in a Office (Yeaah I'm 18 years old and I work things are different here in Switzerland^^) but it's only a Stage for 6 months :)

So I hope I can also make post for the Blog but maybe only on weekends.

I'm sorry.



I'm back from holidays(:

Hello dollies(:

I'm back from Holidays now(:

I was for 2 weeks in Italy. Amazing beach and weather there!

In a few hours I will make a new post with the new Spoilers on Stardoll!

Take a look soon.





Yes, finally a new competition is here :)

As you've all noticed, everyone is now making their own hairstyle :) So, if you are good at it you could simply win!

It's easy! Make your stardesigned hair, take a printscreen picture of it and post the picture in comments!
(it could be something like tinypic.com)

You could win SS gifts, advertisment on our blog and 150 starcoins
(if you're not a superstar, you;ll get them in gifts)

If we get many contestants, next time, prices will be bigger :) This time is like a test ;D

So hurry up, click here and go design!

xoxo, Christina :D

p.s. I make hairdesigns as well, and if you want, you can buy :) 
Check out some of my wigs :)

Hope you like them!
Visit me here!

Pick of the Day

Hey my beautiful readers :)
New pick of the day out today :D

Again from the shop "Original Future":

In my opinion, it's by far nicer than yesterday's and easier to be matched with other colors :)

What do you think?
Will you buy? 

xxx, Christina 


Road to London

Road to London --> Today's question :)

If you don't know who holds the current World record in the Men's 100m sprint, you can see the right answer, Usain Bolt is this man :)

This is the gift you get if you answer the question right :)

A gold stardoll-medal :)

Hope I helped :)

Kisses, Christine!

Pick of the Day :)

New pick of the day is out today :D

A rainbow jacket from the shop "Original Future" :)

Well, in my opinion it's difficult to match with other pieces of clothes...
So, I believe it's for creative people ;D

What do you think? 
Will you buy it? :)

Love, Christina :D

New graphic :)

Hey my beautiful readers :)

I've just completed a new banner for Haritini3 and her blog :)
Check it out!

I hope you like it :D 

If you'd like to order your banner contact me here :)

See ya soon! 
Christina <3


New makeup photo-tutorial..;pxx

Hello sweeties..!! I make another makeup and i hope you like it..;pxx

I make photo-tutorial...!!

I want comment...;pxx

Maria (fikokounelaki on stardoll)