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Yes, finally a new competition is here :)

As you've all noticed, everyone is now making their own hairstyle :) So, if you are good at it you could simply win!

It's easy! Make your stardesigned hair, take a printscreen picture of it and post the picture in comments!
(it could be something like tinypic.com)

You could win SS gifts, advertisment on our blog and 150 starcoins
(if you're not a superstar, you;ll get them in gifts)

If we get many contestants, next time, prices will be bigger :) This time is like a test ;D

So hurry up, click here and go design!

xoxo, Christina :D

p.s. I make hairdesigns as well, and if you want, you can buy :) 
Check out some of my wigs :)

Hope you like them!
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