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My video :)

Hey guys:) This is a video I made for the song "my immortal" by Evanescence :)
Hope you liked it, because I spent the whole previous weekend doing this :)


Hey all you stardollers,
Remeber me Ace1721(My new account is imanmo9)
Sorry i havent been on for quite some, but now i am hoing to come back even stronger with my posts for HOW TO'S



Hey everyone! I am here with an outfit for ya.. Have a look:

The one that the doll's wearing is for ss. If you are a non-ss then you can wear the trousers and the shoes next to the ones that the medoll's wearing insted. Let's Have a look at the prices:

Sheer Grey Trousers: It Girls. Tied Platforms: PPQ perfect bag: It Girls. Tube top: Fallen Angel. Dots Scarf: It Girls.
For the non-ss:
Peep Toes Insp By Aennis Eunis: Windows on the world. (that's the shoes). Icy Silver Straigherleg Pants: Rio. The rest of them are the same.

Hope you like it (: