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Hey, guys, I'm so sorry I didn't post for years and years... but I'm back now.. :D

I know that fashion isn't my subject.. but I want to write something that I noticed these days.. while I was very interested in fashion ( i don't know why, i just searched for new trends and so on )

Soo... Vintage Reborn

For years and years, second-hand clothes did nothing for fashionistas. Only the most dedicated were interested in rooting the local charity store for "hidden treasure". Sometime in the mid-nineties, though, the fashion world started taking a new interest in its own history. Classic elegance. "Second-hand" became "Vintage" worn leather jackets, daring hats, chic costume jewellery, adorable dresses, sky-high heels - if ordinary boutiques are all about reflecting our time, vintage shops are all about clothes with a history. The vintage clothing trend is only spurred along by the nostalgia of designers looking back at the past decades. This spring, the designers most obviously inspired by history include Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Alexander Wang.

( I didn't write (practicly) alone.. I was helped by a fashion magazine... ) But I didn't copy.. I just took some ideas and made a story... I could go on ... but I will bore you :PPP :D


Don't call Paris a racist -- She will sue you!!!

Paris Hilton is in the news again! This time an author claims that she is a racist and has quoted her in a tell-all book. The book is called "Everyone Loves You When You're Dead: Journeys Into Fame and Madness. Its written by Neill Strauss and he claims to have interviewed Paris and writes that she said that she "can't stand black men".

Neill is about to learn what its like to mess with a Hilton! Paris has announced that she has a legal team and they are looking into to taking legal action. Paris' lawyers say that the quotes in the book are absolutely untrue and ridiculous. Watch out Neil, Paris will sue you!

Your trully,

Annie. :)

Mini Rant.

Okay hi guys.Sorry i haven't posted in ages! I've just been so busy.What with having to choose my subjects to take for the next 2 years for my Standard Grades! Then there's the personal problems.But all in all i'm so sorry for not posting.I will give a personal apology to the owner of the blog.

Anyway,todays mini rant is about the fact that our "beloved" Stardoll.
Anyone noticed how members of Stardoll are deleted for a day or two and brought back? Deleted without a reason?Well if you haven't noticed yet,you soon will.

My friend,Brenna (wizardbg) got her account deleted! But today,BAM,it was back.Brenna sent an email but the account was deleted without warning in the first place!
I just want her to know that i am soo happy she got it back!


Apply as a writer!

Hey guys! How are you? Here you can apply as a writer in comments! :D So .. :)


Hot Buys Dress.

Sorry for the late Post 
This here is the New Hot Buys Dress:

For the Price on ONLY 12SD
is this a very nice dress :]

xoxo Amanda



Hey everyone :)

by the way Demi_Lavanto_2, I L-O-V-E the new banner you made.

So I`m going to make a comp just for fun

So this is how it goes;

You make a design inspired by japan

buy the design and post you name down here is comments

The prizes will be the Amy Cliare dress, or a rare voile dress

see you later dollies!

And help this blog get 40 followers! We have 39 now, one more to go!

new banner!

Hello guys! How are you? I just wanted to ask you if you like our new banner for the blog :) It took me about 6 hours to make it and it's my first banner with a stardollian being like moving :D I think it is nice! :D Your opinion?

The Hacked United !

Our first story will be from my friend,chillisflikka.She has been strong and willingly submitted her story for us to see! 

"It was a normal day until a girl on Stardoll(don't remember the name) sent me a message about her mother.She said her mother had just died and her last words were 'help other people as much as you can'.So the girl who hacked me wanted to give me an SS code.I believed her because you just don't go kidding about your mother's death.She said she needed my pass to log in and write down the code.I gave her my pass.Later that say,i couldn't log into my account!She had fooled me! I was sad but i figured a way to get my pass back.I logged onto my messenger and clicked the "forgot pass" button on Stardoll.They sent it to my mail and i got my account back."

Aaah so the moral? Never give out your pass.But i am sure that Felicia (chillisflikka) has learned from her mistake.

Stay Jolly My Dollies♥!
And remember,to send me your story !
Hello again! I have something new! I am thinking of starting a little thing about people who have been hacked.Many people have been getting hacked and have been so down about it.Wouldn't you be? We all have those stages where we go through rage,then defeat,then more anger,then depression and then we have a mix of feelings.We want revenge yes? I know you do,don't lie.Hell,i want my revenge from when i got hacked.Yes it was a few months ago but like i said,we all go through stages.And i'm at the stage where i want people to know my story.It's a long story.

So people,if you have any stories of being hacked,add me at .Bla.Bla.Bla and in the request put something like,"My hack story" or something round about that.I will accept,guestbook you to tell you i have accepted and then you can tell me your story in mail.If you have any printscreens for proof please upload them to tinypic and send me the link.

Thank you :)
I hope this post will become very useful for you all :)

Stay Jolly My Dollies♥!

vote vote vote!

hey guys! Could you vote 5/5 for national covergirl  my wonderful friend cutepuppy101. ? :) She is such a sweet girl with amazing suite and medoll! :)

Also vote for our writer fluffy6580 for covergirl 5/5, as she deserve it ! She is an awesome girl as you have seen from her posts too :)

100 Million members!

There are now 100 million members on stardoll! 

Check out the new clothes:

Image from hotbuysbazaar.blogspot.com

I like the cute pink hoody :)

There are also some 100 million necklaces and glasses

I also want to post something awesome that happened to me:


My dad was is going to L.A for a buiness job, so I said

"I`m gonna miss you!" Then he said I could call him on my iphone, and i`m like "you got me an iphone ahh!"

Here it is: :)

Love you daddy!


Hot Buys bag

Hello Dear readers.

A new Hot Buys has arrived and its a HB Bag :]
This is how it looks like:

Its only 10SD
So i think that is very good.

Will u buy it?

xoxo Amanda


So, so, so, sorry!!

First, let's ALL congratulate Christine for winning NCG... YEEEY!!!! =DD.. And second, I'm so sorry, I didn't post for a while, cause I had VERY MUCH homework to do this week.. maybe you think that's a lie, due the fact that I was online all these days, and I even bought new ss.. but the truth is that I logged on Sd, just to make money and spend them, and of course to vote for Christine ( VOTE!!!!!!!!!!! )... but I left stardoll online, and went away from the computer.. =)) What a lovely story right?? :D.. But now, I will be completely online, and post for you new CELEBRITY DIRT!!!

Watch your back,
Cause I'm back!!!
Yours trully,
Annie.. :)

NCG 2nd time! Thanks!

 I finally won ncg and thanks to all of u who voted :) I really appreciate it! I am glad I won for 2nd time! I just want u to vote one more time today cuz I wanna check if somebody can be ncg again the following day after achieving ncg :D Do you wanna find out too? VOTE ME 5/5! Do you think I deserve a vote? VOTE ME 5/5! :D here is my suite!


HP top released.

Hello guys.
Today a new HB is realeased. and this is how it looks like:

It costs 11sd But it looooooks amazing!
Will u buy it?

Real life version of the top thanks to Hotbuys addicted!

enjoy!  xoxo Amanda


Ehm... Help me?!

Hey guys! How are you? I want to ask you a huge favour!

 Please vote me covergirl on March 15th! I really need your vote! Only YOU can help! My dream will come true if you do... My dream of becoming covergirl.. And if you really want to help me you can write in your presentation something like  (copy from the world "START" till the world "END" and then paste it in your presentation)

     Vote DEMI_LOVANTO_2 cg on March 15th♥ 




Vote DEMI_LOVANTO_2 covergirl on March 15th ♥(◠‿◠)♥


Or anything else you want which says "vote DEMI_LOVANTO_2 for cg on March 15th"If you do this tell me in guestbook! Then if I win covergirl, the people who will have voted and put in presentation to vote me, will have the chance to win gifts, managing at all my clubs for 2 months, topics at all my clubs & blog to vote him/her and a free clothe (if you are a superstar the clothe) So please help! :D


Hot buys Tie

Hello guys. The hot buys tie is released in starplaza.
This is how it looks like:

It costs 8SD i think thas not that much :]
Will u buy the Tie?



Hello.I'm back.I know i didn't post anything for a while but i've been going through some pretty horrible things this past week.I would have posted earlier but it's getting impossible to get on here without ignoring the feeling of distrust and paranoia.I'm ill.Really ill.None of my real life friends know this because i have kept it quiet.

Anyway,onto the topic.I'm going to post about a real life role model of mine. 

Lady Gaga :) I totally love her because she's not afraid of what people think! Her style is just...there is no words for it.It is just so awesome and unique! I wish i could meet her. And her songs are so cool tbh ! :D Three words. I Love Her♥

That's all today! Will post something...productive later and not just  something i like :P

As always,
Stay Jolly My Dollies♥


Hot Buys Brooch

The hot buys brooch is out. What do you think? Will u buy it?



Hey guys! Me again! I've just noticed something amazing! I wanna scream! Limited Edition is coming! Why? Because the shop of LE isn't at the list of shops in starplaza anymore and the clothes and accessories we bought form the previous season are now at our starbazaar, ready to be sold! :) I am so happy! What do you think? If you wanna post this at ur blog, PUT CREDITS :)


Spotted! Lady GaGa is in Paris at the moment, for Fashion Week and last night was seen at Maxim's restaurant. Wow, she was in top form! I don't know if she had a little too much to drink or if she was just in a fierce mood, but she definitely in full Monster Mode! Just look at the face and the claws and the see-through outfit!
And... I'm sorry for not writing these days, but i had something to do this week, plus, i had temperature today, and I was sleeping all day! =P.. Lucky me ( for sleeping, not temperature )


^Like the new banner?^

I am sorry for not posting a lot and i am sorry i won't be posting for a little while,my uncle died and i haven't been thinking straight.

Beauty Of The Design <this is my own blog and i am currently
trying to make it better so please follow and i assure you,i will
make it as good as i can. Thank you :)

So guy,seen the Born This Way video yet?

Well in case you haven't i have put the video in this post for you :)
I like it...even though it is a tad creepy.
And she does do some rude gestures in it and she's practically naked...
I like it though,it's very different from the usual videos nowadays.

So what do YOU think? Like it?

As Always,
Stay Jolly My Dollies ♥

Looking for..

Hey! I wanna tell you we need some people to help us! Look what we want, tell me here if you are interested in sth, or you know sb who is able to do these :
  • Followers! ;) ( More followers = more fun)
  • Writers (for some things we don't have someone to write for yet! )
  • GRAFIC DESIGNER for the whole blog's banner and for each writer ( including me)
50 sd if he/she is a superstar and many other surprises!
50 sd in gifts if he/she is not a ss OR i will keep them to give them to him/her when she/he upgrades 
and many other surprices for non and ss :)

So start NOW!

New Free Things

Hello all! How are you? I wanna wish you a new happy month, with lots of amazing moments, full of love and fun, with people you like to be with! :)
So stardoll wanned to send us a gift for having a new season! There are freebies! And very nice freebies! Take a look:
How about Hannah Montana things? I think that dress is truly impressive and the TV suits perfect at my bedroom on stardoll :)
Do you want them as much as I do? Then follow the instructions below:
-If you are from USA, Enter a contest HERE
-If you aren't from USA, Follow these steps:
1)Go to USA proxy like

2)Paste stardoll link into the blank box of the proxy site
Go OR just Hit Enter
Log in stardoll
Now in the proxies URL Address
Paste contest link
Wait till page loads, Leave the proxy by closing the window/tab, Go to stardoll as usual
Items should be in a Hannah Montana bag in your suite (

Now how about this  ? What do you think it is? Yeah it's a skate! :D I really love it and I will sure get it! :) Will you? If you do, follow these steps:
If you are from UK,Visit the campaign and click on item pics HERE
If you aren't from UK, Follow these steps: 
1)Go to UK proxy like
2)Paste stardoll link into the blank box of the proxy site
Click Go OR just Hit Enter

Log in stardoll

Now in the proxies URL Address Paste cinema and ClickGo:

6)Wait till page loads, After in the proxies URL Address Paste campaign link and Click Go:

7)You will be redirected to facebook page, leave it and the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual and you have them ;)
Now do you like this? I find it a little bit too much  but it must suites perfect with a well-dressed doll :) I don't know if I will get it, but will u? So see how:
-If you are from Poland, Enter a stardoll contest HERE
-If you aren't from Poland, Follow these steps:
1)Go to Poland web proxy like
proxy.trash.pl/ OR ukryj.info/ OR proxyhideout.com/
2)In the blank box of proxy site Paste stardoll link:
3)Click GO/Idz/OK (it's up to proxy you use) OR just Hit Enter on keyboard
4)Log in stardoll
5)Now on the proxies URL/Address link box Paste the contest link:
Click Go, Wait till page loads,
7)Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual and you have it!
Available till 11.03
So now, if you have any questions I am here :) Do you like them? Will you get them? Comment to tell us! I want ur opinion! :D

I wanna thanks Ruth for these:)