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Hello.I'm back.I know i didn't post anything for a while but i've been going through some pretty horrible things this past week.I would have posted earlier but it's getting impossible to get on here without ignoring the feeling of distrust and paranoia.I'm ill.Really ill.None of my real life friends know this because i have kept it quiet.

Anyway,onto the topic.I'm going to post about a real life role model of mine. 

Lady Gaga :) I totally love her because she's not afraid of what people think! Her style is just...there is no words for it.It is just so awesome and unique! I wish i could meet her. And her songs are so cool tbh ! :D Three words. I Love Her♥

That's all today! Will post something...productive later and not just  something i like :P

As always,
Stay Jolly My Dollies♥

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