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MY banner: ready

And this is the banner I will use from now for the posts I will do :) Hope you like it! Something lke this will be the banner of the blog as well :) Please tell me ur opinion about it :)

look-a-like makeover: Kristen Stewart


Here is a new LALM; hope you guys like it (:

This time I choose Kristen Stewart, I think all of you know who she is. I was lucky because her hair is actually between the hairstyles :D

btw, if anyone wants me to do a LALM, tell me on my SD account, wiske33, because I'm running out of inspiration ;)

New Banner coming soon! (see the graphic)

Only thing I can show you is this. It's the graphic I made all by my self for the new banner of our blog! Of course the background color will be changed and the header of our blog will be added :)
 I just  noticed our banner was too old now, I had got bored of it, so I decided to make something different! 

Hope you like it, waiting to read your opinion about it in comments!
xoxo, Demi_lovanto_2


The Hot Buys Pretty In Love Bag is OUT!

Hey there! The last Hot Buys for july is out. Here is the Hot Buys Pretty In Pink Bag:

I think it's too expensive. But it matches with lots of outfits.

And here it is in Real Life by Topshop:

xoxo B.E.P.Fan_4ever


The Hot Buys Jacket is OUT!

Hey readers! The Hot Buys Jacket is out. Here it is:

I think it's expensive but it is AMAZING and very UNIQUE!

Here it is in Real Life by Fashion Fringe:

Do you like it? Are you gonna buy it?

xoxo B.E.P.Fan_4ever


August Hot Buys.

Hey there! The August Hot Buys are released! Here they are:

I don't know about you but I LOVE THEM! Here they are in real life:

Skirt by H&M (Thanks to Hot Buys Addicted):
Bag By Topshop:

Hat by Anna Sui:

Fur stole by Anna Sui

Earrings by Topshop:
Shoes by Prada:

Do you like them? Are you gonna buy any of them?

~xoxo B.E.P.Fan-4ever~



Hey guys! This girl has one of the highest scores for the Iphone/Ipod touch stardoll game "Fashion Spin" but she wasn't looking that good, so I decided to fix that(:

what do you think?


The Hot Buys Turban (red & black) is OUT!

Hey there! I'm so happy that the Hot Buys Turban is out in 2 different colours.

Here is the Black:

And Here is the Red one:

I think the price is very high but it's unique and elegant!

Here is the real version by Prada:

Do you like it? Are you gonna buy it?

~xoxo B.E.P.Fan_4ever~


Hot Buys Dress is out!

Hey SFCG lovers! The Hot Buys Dress is out! So....here it is:

I think it's too expensive but it's also cute.

And here it is in real life by Zac Posen:

Do you like it? Will/Would you buy it?

~xoxo B.E.P.Fan_4ever~


Outfits Of The Week

Hello guys!How are you?Today I will be showing you outfis of the week, I hope you like them :)

So leave a comment what do you think of them :)
PS:The next two weeks ill be out of town but don`t worry I still be posting :):D

LOVE Gabby <3


Eyeshadow! (:

So, what is the biggest eyeshadow palette you have ever seen?
This one!

Colors for...

Blue eyes:
Blue (all kinds), Grey, Brown (light, dark), white, peach, black

Green, purple, white, brown (light, dark), yellow, skin tones

Purple, Green (all kinds), Purple, Skin tones, dark turquoise blue



The best songs of 2011!


I thought you prepare and show you ... the best songs of 2011!

1. PJ Harvey – “The Big Guns Called Me Back Again”
2. The Strokes – “Under Cover Of Darkness”
3. Dash & Will – “Animal
4. The Airborne Toxic Event – Changing”
5. The Decemberists – “This Is Why We Fight”
6. Lola Kite – “Everything's Bette”
7. The Rural Alberta Advantage – “Stamp”
8. Pegasus Bridge – “Yoko”
9. Portugal. The Man – “People Say”
10. The Boxer Rebellion – “Cause for Alarm”
11. Anna Calvi – “First We Kiss”
12. Peter Bjorn and John – “May Seem Macabre”
13. Bad Books – “You Wouldn’t Have To Ask”
14. Bright Eyes – “Singularity
15. The Migrant – Nothing But Clues”


Hot Buys Lipstick Necklace is out!

Hey there! The Hot Buys Lipstick Neclace is out and i'm here to show it to you. So...here it is:

I kinda like it but it's way overpriced! 15 stardollars are too much for a necklace!

And Here it is in real life by Daniel Scutt for Topshop:

Do you like it? Are you gonna buy it?


Hey, Im Emily and write for this blog for spoilers. Sorry I haven't been posting yet its because life is so busy. I might do something now but not for soon especially that look is starting and im in highschool so i get heaps of homework. hope u understand Christina...


Shake it up - Dance Dance!

Shake it up will be launching a Dancing explosion on Stardoll!
The club willbe opening up on 22nd July! With awesome gifts, and web chats!
I also HEART there competiton! so easy you have to enter!
Click HERE

- Gracie.Joy



The Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born on February 2, 1977, in Baranguilla Colombia.
At the age of 11 years, Shakira has already won several local talent contests, writing his own songs and playing guitar. In 1990, when he was 13 years old, left her homeland, hoping to start a career model.
Also, now continues his fine career, with many fine songs, video clips and many many concerts!

I hope you enjoyed it! Kisses, pelagia_koutlis!


Hey! Here are some interior spoilers:

*Thanks to Inbetween stardoll for the pic*

Do you like them? What do you think about them?


What do you think? I like them both(: The second one came out better I think!



Hot Buys Cape is out!

Hey there! The Hot Buys cape is out. So here it is:

I think it's really cute and I could do really good styles with it. The price is high but I think it's worth of it!

Here it is in real life by Nicholas K:

Do you like it? Will/Would you buy it?


New starblogger and music!


I'm new starblogger and I hope you enjoy my texts!
Let us begin our topic!

The new song The Edge Of Glory made ​​a great success, and tours of the singer lady gaga who sings it going!
  Also the video clip had the opportunity to be very nice to everyone!

The Lady Gaga announced via Twitter, that first aired the video for the single "Edge Of Glory" will be held today through American television network.

The message said that: "Today we will start showing the video of" Edge Of Glory "have created for you. The first screening will be done through the show "So You Think You Can Dance" the Fox TV in America 8 hours. "


Last Post.

Find then, This will be the LAST post I will put before I go on vacation. I EXPLAINED ON MY LAST POST WHY I WON'T POST FOR  WEEKS. ;P

Well today I was in beauty parlour and saw new item added which was feet! You can get nail Polish for your feet nails too!

Xoxo Kaylee/Starbuster9000 ;P

Vacation + No more writing for few weeks.

Sorry for not posting for about a week  :L Well anyway, I am going on Vacation, Which means I will take a break from writing on all 6 blogs that I write for & here is some reasons why I will stop & some things about it:


So Christine, Going on Vacation next Friday to Poland to see grandparents and many of my family. Now, I won't be posting much, I will be too busy! So Christine, You can't stop me from not writing! I have to stop writing for a few weeks. I will be back soon. And this is a very important vacation for me, So that does mean A BREAK FROM STARDOLL AND BLOGS EVEN MY BLOG. 

►The Polish airport I'll be in when I arrived in Poland:

Krakow airport
About where I live in Poland:

The airplane from Krakow you can see, I will go from Krakow all the way near Zakopane which will be in Opole and it will be about 2 hours drive from the airport.
The plane I'll be flying by:
And the Flight company i will be flying by is Ryanair:

That is a clear picture of the Flight Companie's name^ ^
Sorry about that :L I'm SO excited though! Bye for a few weeks (; i will miss you all VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY much! And good luck with writing (;
Xoxo Kaylee/Starbuster9000.  I will Miss you :'(


Hello readers, today Instead of a stardoll makeover, I'm going to give you a quick over-view on "Blush" 

Well...what is it?
Blush is a powder that is often applied to the cheek area. Blush is applied to even out skin tone or to add more color. It is commonly found as a powder, but can also come in other forms, such as creams or liquids. Sometimes, blush is also used to make the face look wider or longer.

Liquid   Blush                          Powder   Blush

Did you know?
Many women avoid blush, according to InStyle Magazine, about 47% of American women today wear blush compared to 1948, when 66% wore it.

This model has blush on her cheeks, but mostly you want to avoid blush being that noticeable. You can end up looking like a clown!


Purple Dream

Hey guys! Today, I decided to do a quick little makeup look!

Purple Dream
Enjoy & Comment xoxo

(Click and enlarge (; )



Hey! Here are spoilers for a NEW SHOP! It called Tiptoe and it's for your doll's toes. They are coming soon....

Do you like them? Are you going to buy any of these?

~xoxo B.E.P.Fan_4ever~

New Writer

Hello I`m new writer here so let me entroduce myself:
My name is Gabby and im 14.I live in one small country - Bulgaria. Every week i will do outfits with the newest clothes on Stardoll for Superstars and Non Superstars AND i will do random outfits like today.So here are some i made while ago:

I`m so sorry they are all for Non SS.I promise next time ill do for SS to :) And the last girl is my other doll (don`t worry i didnt copy anyone)
So what do you think?Next time i will do comp so get creative :)