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Hello readers, today Instead of a stardoll makeover, I'm going to give you a quick over-view on "Blush" 

Well...what is it?
Blush is a powder that is often applied to the cheek area. Blush is applied to even out skin tone or to add more color. It is commonly found as a powder, but can also come in other forms, such as creams or liquids. Sometimes, blush is also used to make the face look wider or longer.

Liquid   Blush                          Powder   Blush

Did you know?
Many women avoid blush, according to InStyle Magazine, about 47% of American women today wear blush compared to 1948, when 66% wore it.

This model has blush on her cheeks, but mostly you want to avoid blush being that noticeable. You can end up looking like a clown!

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