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Apply as a writer!

Apply as a writer!

It's your chance to be one of us. One of our team. We are looking for talented writers, who can write at least once a week. If you want to apply you have to mention some things:
1. Your stardoll name
2. Your age
3. What do you want to write about
*** You don't have to offer a job that has to do with stardoll things***
4. Hours you can be online every day
5. Why you want to be a writer here
6. Experience( are you a writer or an owner of any blogs)
And any other thing you think would help you be one of us.

Thank you for your time!
Bye, Christine!


  1. Kendall5/21/2011

    Hey, im Kendall! But you can call me Kendsie! Im 13 and I love to write! Theres three things I think you need to be a writer!
    1.) Creativy
    2.) Good Grammer
    3.) Craving to Write all thr Time
    And luckily I have all of those! lolz! Well, anyway heres an example of my writing:


    Smoke swirled around in the air leaving a burning smell to follow its colorless shadow. The smoke swirled around my sister and me. I took a long breath, savoring this minute. I inhaled the sweet smell of it as I walked, letting my feet carry me to the scent. The campfire scent. Even though it was a little early to have a campfire I didn’t mind. Not one bit. I took a slow step then another, and another following my little sister as she ran ahead of me. The closer I got to our house the stronger the scent got.

    My account on stardoll is ttutu00! I sure hope I could become a writer for your amazing blog!


  2. Hey! I want to be a writer on this beautiful blog! My stardoll username is B.E.P.Fan_4ever! My real name is Maria(you can call me Maria if you want to)! I'm a greek 12 year old "clild"! I am a stardoll member since 2008(I had an account since 2008 but a girl hacked it some days ago!). I like writing! I have ask to be a writer in other blogs but they didn't answer!

    I can write about different subjects like:
    clubs, new celebrities on stardoll, hot buys, hackers or many other! whatever you want!

    Please contact me if you have chose me in my guestbook or in a comment here! I'll check it EVERY day!

    With love

  3. I'm ioli22 and i love this blog....I love writting.I am a writer for stardollellada (you are too:P)
    i can write:
    new dolls
    but i can't about hotbuys
    By the way please contact me!
    (My name is Selly-CeCe)
    with love

  4. HI My name is Becca! I love stardoll fashion and I am really creative. I can make headers as well. I am quite good in english and I always Have gossip. I also do make up looks on stardoll.I Love this blog.

    I could write about Fashion, Make-up, Hackers, Covergirl, Top suites, Competitions, Shops and news.

    On stardoll my name is colpop7890.

    With love becca x

  5. Anonymous6/04/2011

    HI !!! I'm Xenia. This blog is just awesome ! I love stardoll and writing topics, so i would like to be a writer here. Things i can write:

    what's hot and what's not
    cool outfits
    ideas for hot make-up
    new dolls
    stardoll news
    and mane other things !!!
    You can see all the above in my blog and album in stardoll ( my name in stardoll is: Xenia_glamour )

    Also, if i become a writer, i will bring many members here !!!!
    Hope my dream will come true.

  6. Hello! My name is Lucinda :)I would like to become a writer for this blog, I am very active on stardoll, and I am talented at writing, I have my own blog stardollsophisticated.blogspot.com my stardoll name is panda699 and I post on my blog every day. I think I am very talented at writing. I would like to be a writer for hotbuys, or new dolls

    Thanks <3

  7. Hey there garl!
    Stardoll nickname: mariros1998
    Real name: Emily
    Age: 13
    Why wanna be writer: well I write for other blogs, and I'm good with computer stuff. I love writing for blogs and I am really creative. This is a dream to write for this blog.

    (1) graphics
    (2) computer and technical work
    (3) creativity and writing

    What I can write for:
    New fashion and hot buys
    New stores
    Makeup tutorials
    New dolls

  8. Hey you want writers?Plzz make me!I am writer on stardoll for greece my stardoll name is misskaterinoyla...I want to write for clothes or make up or hackers or everything!!Plzzz answer me

  9. Hello!!!
    My Stardoll name is iwoni and I want to be writter!!Love writing posts and I'm very creativity!!!I love do Make up!!!
    I hope i will be a writter!!

  10. Anonymous8/01/2011

    hi my name is valia i am from greece.I want to be a writter for this blog because i ♥ this blog and i want me in this blog team.i have talent for writting i don't make wrong and this is one of my dreams.i can writting for the choosing clothe day.

    valiapink13 on stardoll

  11. Anonymous8/01/2011

    Hello I'm Mira i'm 13 and i want to be the Hotbuys Writer i hope you choose me because you have an unique and talnet writers and i'm the One who is Looking for + i'm a writer in Ghandoora Blog and thank you my stardoll name Is

  12. Anonymous8/02/2011

    Hello!I'm Athanasia and i want to be a writter on ur beutiful blog!!I want to write about makeup plzzzzzz!!!:))

    My stardoll name:A9anasia

    Bye now!!:):)

  13. I'm Stavroula I'm 12 years old and from Greece I can write about anything

  14. Hello!How are you? I hope fine :)

    2) 12 years old
    3) I can writeabout everything! :D
    Hotbuys, News, Make-up, new dolls, stardoll messages and more!You can choose! :)
    4)I can be on stardoll many hours!If must to be very long time for writing to the blog i will do it! don't worry about that :)
    5) I really want to be a writter here. It's really importnt to me. First of all, I love stardoll and I know many things about that! I love writing and tell the people what's going on about stardoll! :)
    6)Yes! I write in 2 blogs!I have expirience :D

    Thank you for your time!
    Have a nice day! :D


  15. 1)4a6j7k
    2)13 years old
    3)I can make makeups
    4)I am online for many hours
    5)I want to be writter here because this very nice blog and it's from the specials that I like
    6)Yes!!I am writter in other 2 blogs!I have expiriance!!

    Have a nice day all in love!!!

  16. 1) kateholdie90
    2) 11 years old
    3) I can make a celebrities look a like makeup and post Music News
    4) I'am online maybe everyday
    6) I'm writing 1 blog

  17. 1) Butterflypp
    3)What do you want to write about
    Makeups do’s and dont’s
    4) Maybe 3 or less
    5) Cuz i love writing :3
    6) I used to own 2 blogs and write in 4 but they’re old idk what were the names but now i own my stardoll magazine ;D its rly awesome
    7)Im good at making new ideas xD

  18. Hello my name is Katerina and I come from Greece..I know German,English and Greek.
    MY AGE:14 years old
    I WANT TO WRITE FOR THE:pick of the day
    I CAN BE ONLINE:6-7 hours a day

  19. stardoll name: despinoula
    i would like to write about the hottest design everyday, and comment it.. if i like it if the others like it and more! Also i can make designs and i can show them to you.!
    I can been online all the day if i don't have school (!) or at school days 3 or 4 ours!
    I want to be a writer here because it's a great blog and i love it!
    Experience?? i wrote in 3 others blogs, and now i stay at 2! :*

  20. 1. gogoulatzavella

    2. 15,5

    3. Celebrity News, Cinema/Movies News, New Dolls, New Dolls, Outfit Of The Week, Interviews, Best Suites......(I have a lot of ideas actually).

    4. I am online A LOT of hours everyday. So, I will be really active.

    5. Because it is an amazing blog and there are not a lot of good Greek Stardoll blogs.

    6. I write in the following blogs:

    ♥erisonstardoll.blogspot.com (Celebrity Inspired Makeup Tutorials)

    ♥sdfashioncommunity.blogspot.com (I am the owner and I write about new dolls and stores)

    ♥under-cover-stardoll.blogspot.com (Makeup Tutorials)

    ♥stardollandthefashion.blogspot.com (Everything new in general)

    Thanks a lot!♥

  21. 1. Your stardoll name: annabeth360 ♥
    2. Your age: Twelve ♥
    3. What do you want to write about: TV Shows {Glee =, Britan's next top model, The Glee Project, X-Factor}, Movies, Covergirl/Scenery Winner/NCG/Album Winner, Miss Stardoll World, Interviews, Short stories ♥
    4. Hours you can be online every day: Well, ALOT! When I get back from school I immediately go on stardoll... I practically go on all night too ♥ I have some stuff on in the afternoons but I can usually go on at night and I definetly go on every day ♥
    5. Why you want to be a writer here: I really LOVE writing! I love writing ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! I think this would be a good experience for me because I love blogs {dont judge it by my blogs cuz theyre terrible and I just spent like five seconds on them :L} I really hope you choose me ♥

    -Livy xxx

  22. pitifriki
    free things
    I write in 2 other blogs
    I like this blog and here I can write in English that good on me !

  23. hi eimaii areti144
    eimai 12
    thelo na grafo gia dorean pragmata
    mporo sxedon kathe mera apogeymata
    grafo se allo ena blog
    kaimou aresi trela to blog sas
    episis mporo na grafo kai agglika kai ellinika poli kala
    elpizo na me dialexete gia sas

  24. 1. Nefeli.Smiley
    2. 12
    3. About make uptutorials and fashion tips
    4. I can write every two days.
    5. Because I love writing in blogs and I want to express my opinion
    6. I have one blog in greek
    and I write in these blogs:
    I am from Greece, I have one blog and I am writer in two, I will do make-up tutorials in other dolls because I don't have a lot of make-up, I will dress-up other dolls or mine and show them here with fashion tips. I hope I will be one :D

  25. Hellow! :3
    My name is Maria(you can call me Mari) and this is the second time I am applying for a writer to this blog.I hope you choose me! :D
    1.My stardoll name: PinkSantal
    2.My age: 15 years old
    3.What do I want to write about: I have many ideas such as writing about freebies or about new stores.Also I could write articles about famous limited edition shops like LE,DKNY,ELLE,Antidote and more..Finally I think that another good idea is writing about news on Stardoll or just about some medolls and their interviews.I really love Stardoll so I could write about anything you ask.
    4.Hours I can be online every day:I am online 3-4 hours per day!I have a lot of free time, which I spend to Stardoll.
    5.Why I want to be a writer here:Because I really love this blog and the ideas it have.I believe that being a writer on this blog is amazing because it have many people who daily visit it and people who work really hard to make it perfect!
    6.Experience: I was writing at my school's newspaper last year and also I owned a blog but I closed it becuase I was reading for my Lower exams (which I pass:D yay!)
    7.Some another informations: I can speak (and write xD)pretty good english and also I am from Greece so I can easily transfer an article to greek if someone ask it because he don't understand.
    Thanks for your time!
    Byebye! :D

  26. Anonymous10/08/2011

    1)My stardoll name is LorelayMat
    2)I am 14 years old
    3)I wanna write a diary of mine but it will be like a story and it will be like i live in stardoll
    4)I can be online 5 days a week. On weekends i can be many hours but the other days i can be online just for one hour.
    5)I wanna be writer cause i like writing cool stufs and cause i like sharing my thoughts with other girls like me and give them advices cause i love to be a teenager and i wanna SCREAM it in everyway:D
    6)I have got a blog but its not about stardoll
    and i am also a writer in an other stardoll blog.

    Thank you so much i really want you to accept my request to be a writer here, i wanna show to all of you that its AMAZING to be a girl..

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Anonymous10/21/2011

    1. antigonN1
    2. 10
    3. pws kerdizoume starcoins?
    4. otan gyrizw apo to sxolio dhladh kapou 2:50
    5. egrapsa edw gt 9elw na se rwthsw pws kerdizoume starcoins
    6. den to katalaba alliws 9a apantoysa
    eyxaristwww pollh pollh pollh

  29. 1.10
    2.2.30 peripou
    4.make up videos
    5.8elw na ginw writer pl pl pl pl k latreuw to blog sas
    6.exw ginei writer se 2 (1.anekdota,2.zwakia)

  30. Anonymous10/22/2011

    3. I can writeabout everything! :D
    Hotbuys, News, Make-up, new dolls, stardoll messages and more!You can choose! :)
    4.At the weekends sometimes..In the afternoon or in the evening
    5.What do you mean that i want to be i whiter?/?
    6.how to get FREE i said FREE items on stardoll(i know a site but it want starcoins in some things)

  31. 1. Avrilluvsu
    2. 17
    3. Kind of like a Guess The Designer kind of thing
    4. Weekdays from 5.00 To 9.00 but on weekends I can be on as much as I want
    5. This is a very good blog, I have always liked you're blog.
    6. I write at stardolldesignmagazine2sd

    I think I can come up with some ideas to draw in a crowd. You would have to hire me to see what I have to offer. If you want me to be a writer, ask for my e-mail through stardoll!

  32. Anonymous10/30/2011

    2)13 years old
    3) I can writeabout everything! :D
    Hotbuys, News, Make-up, new dolls, stardoll messages and more!You can choose! :)
    4)I can be on stardoll many hours!If must to be very long time for writing to the blog i will do it! don't worry about that :)
    5) I really want to be a writter here. It's really importnt to me. First of all, I love stardoll and I know many things about that! I love writing and tell the people what's going on about stardoll! :)

  33. 1. lozzie.900
    2. 13
    3. free things proxy not maunual, or i could do like cometitions
    4. everyday other than fortnightly weekends when i visit my dad
    5. i want to be a writer here because i want to help you bulid it up and get more members as i think it would be really good to work with you
    6. Yes, I'm experience as i said before i have my own blog i post in daily check it out it's tipsorstardoll.blogspot.com but im the only writer in it and i dont write in any other blogs but i did used to

  34. 1) Skullbuddy1 on stardoll :)) My real name is Paige!
    3)What do you want to write about: Make-up tips, Covergirls/boys, People to avoid (Like hackers), and How to get free things!
    4) When ever I get home from school I ALWAYS check my Stardoll and stay on for about 2 hours.But I'm on for like 4 on weekends.
    5) I LOVE writing. I can make things all juicy and stuff :D ... And also I'm a fast typer XD
    6) I'm not with any blogs, but I'm with our school newspaper... People tell me that my section is always the most aweosome :D
    7)I'm really creative. I also make graphics :))

  35. hi maneme on stardoll is celeblusiana
    i'm 13 years old
    i want write for music news pleaze
    mporo na eimai mesa apo tis treis to mesimeri mexri tis 7 to apogrvma tis ka8imerines kai ta sabatokuriaka synexeia
    to site einai telio kai 8elo polu na gino writer
    eimai writer sto iwsblog2011.blogspot.com

  36. Hello sweety :D
    My stardoll (and real name) is haritini3
    I'm 12 years old
    I want to write about hotbuys
    I can be online about 14:00-16:00..and sometimes I am online at the night (22:00-00:00)
    I have a blog stardoll-free-clothes.blogspot.com (this time is closed) and I was been writer in stardoll ellada :D
    hope be writer here,it's a realy nice blog

  37. Γειά σας είμαι η έφη στο stardoll με λένε efoulitsi . είμαι 12 ετών
    θα ήθελα να γράψω για το make up
    συνδεδεμένη είμαι της καθημερινές από της 3 εώς της 5 και τα σαββατοκύριακα από 9 εώς 12 (την νύχτα από 10 εώς 4 το ξημέρωμα)είμαι writer στο blog stardoll in cyprus...Θέλω να μεγαλώσει η ειμπειρία μου και να επεκτίνω την δημοσιότητα μου!Ελπιζω να με δεχτήτε!!!

  38. Hey hey!!!! I am daryp and I am 12.I can write about free things so I will post when I find something.I will be online from 19:00 to 20:00.I have been writer before but the owner deleted the blog.I sm writing to blog owners but they dont answer me. I hope you will choose me!!! XOXO Daryp

  39. 1. bracken1234

    2. 16

    3. I Would like to Create & Find Amazing Outfits on Stardoll.

    4. Around 4-5 hours a Day. After 4.30pm

    5. I Would like the Experience & because I Love reading your Blogs.

    6. I Own "Stardolls Sexiest" & I Also Write for "Within Stardoll".

    ~ bracken1234

  40. 1. Your stardoll name; PrettiestWoman
    2. Your age; 13 & 1/2
    3. What do you want to write about; fashion tips on stardoll
    4. Hours you can be online every day; 1 hour
    5. Why you want to be a writer here; I love your blog
    6. Experience; I have right on 6-7 blogs, and I have one wich has graphics.

    In addition, I can speak very good english (Advanced-Proficiency)

  41. 1)ellenarda
    3)for the new things about stardoll
    4)2 hours
    5)Because this blog is asewom!!!
    6)I have one blog for stardoll! it's called Ellenarda&FamousGreece-stardoll

  42. Anonymous12/18/2011

    2) 11 nearly 12
    3) free stuff and everyday fun games and comps
    4) more than 4 hours or 24/7
    5)because i am new to this blog but i really like it and i have always wanted to write for a sd blog and ur actually giving me a chance (thx for the chance)
    6)i have done my schools website but i cant give you the link as im giving out personal info (sorry)

    i am from UK so my English is good and most of time im on sd but when i have lots of homework, its hard to manage everything but i still do it :)

    i will await for an answer and i would really appreciate it,thx for the chance

  43. Anonymous12/18/2011

    Im cutiepie7666 i want to all so say that i can find good nail designs aswell :)

  44. Anonymous12/18/2011

    1) LadyCoolKatrina
    2) 10 nearly 11
    3) Free stuff and latest things on stardoll
    4) Mostly all day!
    5) I really want to be a writer because i haven't been one before and there's always something new left to try out in everyone's life and mines to be a writer!
    6) I have done school websites bt im afraid i cant tell u them as its personal info, also i do good presentations!

    As i am from the UK my english is excellent and i finish my homework quickly so i can go on sd and other!

    I hope that I get chosen to be a writer of this club! Fingers Crossed! x

    1. Now i've got my own blog! x


  45. 1)IcyPOP.
    3)I would write for anything! You can choose.
    4)It depends on how much time I have. Which is a lot of hours most of the time!
    5)I want to be a writer here because I think this blog is amazing and I love to write! It's my favorite thing to do!
    6) I have my own blog: realfunkypanda.blogspot.com and I write for avrilluvsu's blog: stardollvlogers.blogspot.com.

    Also,I am from Australia and I now live in America so I have a great variety of English.
    Thank you so much!

  46. STEFANIA_STEFI12/28/2011



  47. Mariafunblack
    Mmm.. 2-3 hours(every time I want)
    5. Because it's one of my fav. blogs!
    6. I have got one blog and I'm writter in 4 others!

  48. Anonymous1/03/2012

    news for stardoll(new superstars dolls, new shops and other)
    once a week i think
    i like a lot this blog
    i am writter in my blog
    * i am from greece but i know english, but can i write in greek?

  49. Hi!:) My name in Stardoll is LIghtningvolt.
    I'm already 12 years old.
    I can write everything on your blog it can be about free things and freebies and what's happening around Stardoll.
    I actually have 2-3 hours and thrice a week.But sometimes twice because I'm busy.
    I want to be a writer here because I love this blog and being a writer.I want to feel something being around on people trusting me for news about Stardoll and everything.
    Well,actually I've been an owner for one blog and I have so many followers.I'm also a writer in our school newspaper.
    Thanks!I'll hope I'll be a writer here.I'll wait for your reply!Wanna visit my blog?It's doll-facedcharmer.tumblr.com
    Thanks :))

  50. Anonymous1/30/2012

    Heya i would love to be a writer!! becuz I know how to do...
    I know alot of tips
    How to get free clothes
    New cloths
    New shops
    New hotbuys

    Please pick me!!!!
    P.S If you pick me my user name is Supercute442 :D

  51. lenaki54
    make up and hot buys
    usualy 2 hours
    because is one of my fav. blogs
    I was writer in 2 blogs
    P.S.If you pick me I must to write in english?But I want to write in greek!

  52. Heyzzzzzz! I'm Miranda, And on stardoll my name is MirandaPetiet.
    I'm 14 years old and i would Love to write on this blog :D
    I would like to write about fashion and hotbuys.
    I can be 1 hour online and in the weekend a lot more :)
    I want to be a writer because i love to write and i love to help people :D
    I am writer of my own blog : Miranda-petiet-stardoll.blogspot.com and i was a writer of Inbetweenstardoll.blogspot.com :D
    I really want to be a writer of this blog, it's just an awsome blog and it woulkd be great to be one of the writers :D
    Hopelly i can be a writer,
    Have a wonderfull day,
    greetzzz Miranda :D

  53. 1. cutiepie7666
    2. 12
    3. free stuff,games,spoilers or stardoll news(anything would be fine)
    4. on weekdays after 4pm and weekends after 1pm or maybe earlier(great britain time)
    5.Why you want to be a writer here? i want to be a writer because i like writing for blogs and i have just visited ur blog and i love it. also i will help u with this blog and i will do what ever u want me to do. i also know info for banners and people who do them and some do them for free and i know quite a lot of things as i have been on stardoll for over a year now!
    6. Experience: i write for this blog- http://stardoll-glamdiamond.blogspot.com/ and here is a link to one of my posts http://stardoll-glamdiamond.blogspot.com/2012/02/guess-landmark1-and-introduction-to.html

    Also i love this blog and i if i do become a writer i will help u make this blog active, advertise it and help u run it!

    if u need anything else, ask me in my gb!

    Thanks =D

  54. Anonymous3/12/2012

    hey, my stardoll name is rollerskategirl, and i REALLY want to become a writer, because i have found some interesting stuff to write about(hotbuys, pick of the day, designers, succesful MeDolls etc.). I'm 12-13 years old, and i can be online at least 1 hour the day. I believe I know the English language good enough t be able to write in this blog. If you want to ask me something, plz wite in my gb!

    Thanks for your time. Bey!!!;)

  55. Name:Seila1986
    Write for:Makeu-up (videos and pictures)
    Outfits for non-ss and ss
    Why you want to be a writer here:I have an expirience and I also love making new make-ups and i love fashion I also think that to be a succesfull writer you must love what you do... So I think I can help a lot the blog.. I want to make this blog as glam and as succesfull as it deserves it!!!!
    Experience:2 years expirience... In 2 blogs... I'm also online 3 hours at least!!!!

  56. 1. Your stardoll name: lottieedottiee
    2. Your age: 12
    3. What do you want to write about: new dolls, I can put a real pic of them and do a little bit of a bio about them.
    4. Hours you can be online every day: 3-4
    5. Why you want to be a writer here? Because it is a freaking awesome blog, and I follow your twitter and you are my favourite youtuber ;)

  57. Oh and 6. I write for sweet stardoll secrets and sassy stardoll magazine ;)

  58. Your stardoll name: Nancyglamour
    2. Your age: 12
    3. What do you want to write about: About new shops
    4. Hours you can be online every day: I can be online at least twice a day.
    5. Why you want to be a writer here: Beacause I believe It's a very nice experience and beacause I think this club must be active.
    6. Experience: I haven't written in any other blog, but I am watching this kind of blogs and I know what to do.

  59. Hello my name is Dora and
    1.My stardoll name is PennyP
    2.My age is 13
    3.I want to write about the health or cooking or about places in all around the world
    4.I can be online 1-2 hours at the day but no every day and in holidays more hours
    5.Because my dream is to become a good writer in a magazine or in a blog and you give me this opportunity and I love to write for differents things.
    6.I have got a little experience but not in a other blog in a other site,only in blog to stardoll ...
    I will be happy to become a writer in your blog!!!

  60. Hello my name is Claudine Tan
    1.My stardoll name is 18tanc
    2.My age is 11 (turning 12)
    3.I can write about various things like Hotbuys i can get interviews with catwalk winners and i can write about the latest fashion!
    4. I can be online everyday and as long as i want school holidays i usually go online for 3-4 hours.
    5.I want to be a writer here to pursue my dream i want to study journalism in University and i think writing for this blog will give me a head start!
    6.I am not a writer of any blogs because all the writer jobs are full but i am a writer in the school magazine sometimes.

  61. name:elena
    stardoll nickname:elenacoulew
    wanna write about:new shops and new collections..
    experience: i have got a blog (not about stardoll) i can write english and greek very well...
    i am online every day ... if i have a problem and i cannot be online (internet problems,hollidays) i will inform you...
    i can bring members and tell to many people join the blog... i will also put the name of ther blog at my presentation so every member who visits me can see the name of your club..send me an message on stardoll.. i will be very excited ..
    kisses elena

  62. okay
    my stardoll name is voula_skopelos
    i am 14 years old
    i would like to write about beauty, news on stardoll,new clothes and shoes,covergirls and other. I have stardoll 2 years now and i have litle experience..I am online all day :P beacouse I love stardoll!!!!!!!This blog is very itresting and i like IT! I have no one to restore opportunity to write a blog. Is my dream! I am not experienced because it is my first time. I think it will do well.We will not disappoint you with please do not ignore. It is your decision. Sorry for the pressure!

  63. 1. Your stardoll name: ...sloggi...
    2. Your age: 16 years old
    3. What do you want to write about: I want to write about hotbuys or news
    *** You don't have to offer a job that has to do with stardoll things***
    4. Hours you can be online every day: about 2-3 (hours/per day)
    5. Why you want to be a writer here: It's a cool blog and I love to write for blogs
    6. Experience( are you a writer or an owner of any blogs): I am the owner of a blog star-covergirl.blogspot.com and I also write in an other. You can check my work based on Hotbuys at my blog.

    -...sloggi... ♥

  64. Anonymous5/25/2012

    1) gennybaby
    2) 10
    3) Do's and dont's make up tutorials and all about rares (anything else)
    4)3-5 Hours
    5) Its a great blog and i sassy way to present your doll, I also love writing for blogs I would do it for a living on stardoll if I could.
    6) My experince is I own a blog behind-the-girl-of-gennybaby.blogspot.com

    - gennybaby -

  65. Anonymous5/31/2012

    hi it's me LuckySStella i would love to be a writer for ur blog!!!
    as i'am good at writing and i'am very active on stardoll.this is a very good blog and it would be great if i could become a writer.
    love ya!!

  66. Hey there! Molly a.k.a Blondeyblonde I turned 15 in April and my true love is fashion! I'm getting straight A's in English GCSE and I think I could right some pretty sweet articles about the latest Items on stardoll! xx I'm pretty much on stardoll all the time and its never deleted from my tabs... along with Facebook:L I want to be a writer here because I found this site really helpful and I want to be able to give other Stardolls help too! I have my own blog but it's not about Stardoll therefore not as good xxxx

    I hope you think about taking me on board your team xxx

  67. My stardoll name is valerialoca02. I have 15 years. I would like to write about makeovers. I can work 2-3 hours a day.
    I think this is a very great experience, well it can lead me to my dream of being a Starblogger. I am currently writing about Free Stuff in the blog meanwhileonstardoll.blogspot.com and I owned a blog but I had to delete it since it wasn't that popular and the only persons looking at the blog were me and my writers which wrote only like 2 times a week when they were supposed to write everyday 2 posts.
    I can speak Spanish so that's an advantage.

    I will let you my e-mail in case I get hired- valeriajm02@hotmail.com


  68. Stardoll Name: Meawa
    Age :13
    I would like to write about New stores, and maybe competitions on those stores.
    I can be online probably more than 5 hours a day (except when I'm travelling)
    I love writing, and I think this blog needs more writers. (=
    I used to own my own website, but I canceled it because I had important exams that year to go into 7th grade (=

  69. 1. Stardoll name: dayafterday8
    2. Age: born in '96
    3. What do I want to write about: anyting about real life like interviews, facts, news, celebs, beauty tips, life tips anything
    4. Hours I can be online every day: 3-5
    5. Why I want to be a writer here: I like writing in blogs and i think this blog is popular so it would be nice to show my "talent" here :P
    6. Experience: Stardoll Voice- Stardoll Vlogers- Stardoll Cheat Readers

  70. 1. bracken1234

    2. 17

    3. DIY Outfits, Outfit Improvements, Amazing Outfits

    4. Hours you can be online every day - 2

    5. Why you want to be a writer here - I want to be a writer here because I was one previously but my blogger account was hacked and I couldn't write anymore so I want to come back and write again.

    6. Experience:
    Meanwhile on Stardoll
    Stardoll's Latest News
    heart of Stardoll
    I Love Stardoll
    Stardoll's hotspot

  71. Hi! I am an owner from another stardoll blog that really needs writers!

    Anyone can become a writer! Please apply there if you want the job!

  72. 1. Stardoll name: palodbest

    2. Age: 15 (July 5 1997)

    3. What do I want to write about: About real life like celebrities, latest styles, advice and tips,fun facts, and things like fashion police like who wore it better or take polls on styles like gotta have it or make it stop... (:

    4. Hours I can be online every day:3-4

    5. Why I want to be a writer here: I love blogging so much and sharing my own opinion with other people and reading what they have to say about it and just expanding my writing and fashion skills (:

    6. Experience: written in Glam Diamond blog but had to leave it for school work :|

  73. -Stardoll: http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=32762432

    -Age: I'm 14 (Sept. 16, '99)

    -What do I want to write about: I would love to write about makeup ideas on stardoll, makeup tutorials. And how to make your doll look better, without being a superstar, because you don't have to pay to make your doll good looking. I'd just like to write about makeup tutorials, and how to make your doll look great without paying for a membership.

    - Hours I can be online every day: I can be on as long as I want, I have my own laptop.

    - Why I want to be a writer here: I don't have much to do with my time, So I think it would be cool to dedicate it to working as a writer or something for your blog. I also (once I finish highschool, etc) want to go to college either as a journalist major, or another. And I figure, it wouldn't hurt to push in some time where I could write for something/somebody, which would also improve my skills at it. I also really love stardoll, and i've been there since 2009, since I was 9 years old. And somehow, i've managed to stick around to the website, and i don't think that I'll ever leave, unless if stardoll closes down. And until that happens, i'll be there using stardoll. So, I think it wouldn't hurt to have a dedicated person writing for your blog.

    -Experience: I have 1 blog that I run that is dedicated to stardoll free items, and how to get them, etc. And I also run a youtube channel with my friend where we upload videos on how-to Stardoll makeup tutorials. (Makeovergals10), and we're pretty active with it. I also have another blog that I run, where I'm currently writing a story (which isn't finished yet); I'm only on the 5th or 6th chapter.