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Blog closes, for the 3rd time.. xP

As you can see, the blog has just closed for the 3rd time.
Why? Because there were 2-3 maximum writers who really wrote here and I have to say that I didn't write either.
So from now and until I find a good crew, the blog will be closed. 
To writers: You can't write until the blog opens again 

Thank you, Christina.


Outfiits :D

Heeyy :D I'm back again to show you some outfiits for ss. Lets get started.. :

First outfit:

Skirt and belt: PPQ. | Top: Fallen Angel. | Blazer: Bonjour Bijou. | Shoes: Perfect Day.

Secon outfit: Outfit ala Miss Sixty.

All of them are from Miss Sixty. Of course, you can also add any accesories you want. I just couldn't found any that I like :p.

Hope you liked them! I'm gonna be back soon with more outfits.
Since then, have a great time!