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Hotbuys Outfit !

Hello ! What's up ? January ends today so I'll show you an outfit with some of the January Hotbuys :
I used :
Hope you like it =))) 
See you soon , pitifriki


Valentine's Day outfit !

Hello ! The owner let me to write about outfits ! So I will show you an outfit for the Valentine's Day :
(Click on the picture for zoom)
I used :
From Pretty n' Love :
It cost : 
Hope you like it !
Many kisses , pitifriki

Lady Gaga outfit

Hey guys. First of all please follow my blog http://stardoll-fashion-4u.blogspot.com/ I will be really happy if you do! First 50 followers will get a ss gift! Okaii today I chose ;ady gaga and I loved her outfit! Please comment and REMEMBER TO FOLLOW ME BLOG: http://stardoll-fashion-4u.blogspot.com/!

  Inspiration outfit


I'm back !

Hello ! Remember me ? I'm a writer for great medolls ! But first I wanna say a BIG sorry to the owner , that I have a long time to write here . Then I want to ask the owner if I can write for dressups ! See you soon :))))
Many kisses , pitifriki  


New Doree

Hello dear readers,
Stardoll has released a new floor at the
Doree Store.All the colours are very bright!
Pink, purple and red!
Take a look here:

Do you like them?

Kisses ~ PinkSantal


How to Earn Starpoints FAST

Hey everyone its Ace1721 here,
Today i will show you how to get tons of starpoints and FAST
What you need is like 15 mintues on the computer.

You just need to follow "My Activity Earned Starcoins" do some of them. Like i dont know um 20 at the most or until you have earned 50 starcoins! If you earn 50 starcoins a day you will gain 12 starpoints. So that means 360 starpoints a month.
Hope this helped

Kristen Stewart outfit

Heeey sorry I didn't post. Also I forgot to tell I will not be posting on the weekends and Friday. I will post sometimes. And sorry I didn't post yesterday, because my exams where today and I had to study and also you know another reason is Selena passed away :[ Selena died my own sister :[. Okaiii so today I picked Kristen Stewart. I loved her outfit, so I decided to just do that outfit. I tired my best to do perfect. Hope you like it! Comment please!

Inspiration outfit

New Dot Make-Up - Valentines!

Hello dear readers,
As you know Valentines day is coming and
Stardoll has released 3 new floors of the
Dot Store full of make-up!

Take a look here:

In this 3 amazing floors you can find and
something new : Lip Liners!!What do you
think about this collection?Are you going
to buy anything???

Kisses ~ PinkSantal

Scandinavia PopShop New Floor!

Hello dear readers,
Stardoll has recently released a new floor to
the Decor Store : PopShop Scandinavia.It's
theme is Traditions versus Trends!
Take a look here:

Do you like them? Are you going to buy

Kisses ~ PinkSantal


Set Fire To The Rain

*EXPLOSION* No awesome pic made by Demi today D: I'm not on my lappie-toppie... D: I'm also sick, so don't get too close.... :3


I like Adele <3

This is short O.O

New writer (Selenasweetstar)

 Hey guys I'm a new writer. Selenasweetstar. I will be writing for Celeb look a like outfits. I know I was already a writer, but as you all no Selena quit Stardoll and all her Blogger jobs. But Now its me Bella and I will be writing.. Please treat me good as you treated Selena! And the picture on the top is my banner which means that will be always on my posts! That way you know its my post. Bye hope you treat me good and like my posts