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Mini Rant.

Okay hi guys.Sorry i haven't posted in ages! I've just been so busy.What with having to choose my subjects to take for the next 2 years for my Standard Grades! Then there's the personal problems.But all in all i'm so sorry for not posting.I will give a personal apology to the owner of the blog.

Anyway,todays mini rant is about the fact that our "beloved" Stardoll.
Anyone noticed how members of Stardoll are deleted for a day or two and brought back? Deleted without a reason?Well if you haven't noticed yet,you soon will.

My friend,Brenna (wizardbg) got her account deleted! But today,BAM,it was back.Brenna sent an email but the account was deleted without warning in the first place!
I just want her to know that i am soo happy she got it back!

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