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The Hacked United !

Our first story will be from my friend,chillisflikka.She has been strong and willingly submitted her story for us to see! 

"It was a normal day until a girl on Stardoll(don't remember the name) sent me a message about her mother.She said her mother had just died and her last words were 'help other people as much as you can'.So the girl who hacked me wanted to give me an SS code.I believed her because you just don't go kidding about your mother's death.She said she needed my pass to log in and write down the code.I gave her my pass.Later that say,i couldn't log into my account!She had fooled me! I was sad but i figured a way to get my pass back.I logged onto my messenger and clicked the "forgot pass" button on Stardoll.They sent it to my mail and i got my account back."

Aaah so the moral? Never give out your pass.But i am sure that Felicia (chillisflikka) has learned from her mistake.

Stay Jolly My Dollies♥!
And remember,to send me your story !

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