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Hello again! I have something new! I am thinking of starting a little thing about people who have been hacked.Many people have been getting hacked and have been so down about it.Wouldn't you be? We all have those stages where we go through rage,then defeat,then more anger,then depression and then we have a mix of feelings.We want revenge yes? I know you do,don't lie.Hell,i want my revenge from when i got hacked.Yes it was a few months ago but like i said,we all go through stages.And i'm at the stage where i want people to know my story.It's a long story.

So people,if you have any stories of being hacked,add me at .Bla.Bla.Bla and in the request put something like,"My hack story" or something round about that.I will accept,guestbook you to tell you i have accepted and then you can tell me your story in mail.If you have any printscreens for proof please upload them to tinypic and send me the link.

Thank you :)
I hope this post will become very useful for you all :)

Stay Jolly My Dollies♥!

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