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Outfit Of The Day!

Hello readers and followers! Some of you may not remember me, but some might. I'm Kayci, or on stardoll you'll know me as kkrrbb78. I met Christine through my blog (kkrrbb78stardoll.blogspot.com) & I've been writing for this blog for a while, but I had to take a long break for school work and exams. Now, I'm finally back! I'm glad to be posting again. I still do not have my correct topic, unless Christine likes this topic, but for today I'm just going to be showing you all my outfit of the day on stardoll. Enjoy & follow! 

Olsenboye Plaid Halter Dress ~ 12 scs (originally 12 sds- Unavailable)
Soft White Top ~ 9 sds (from Pretty n' Love)
Blows White Robe ~ 14 sds (Riviera)
Black Leather Bow Belt ~ 4 scs (originally 4 sds- Bonjor Bizou)
Lace Up Heels ~ 5 scs (originally 5 sds- )Bonjor Bizou)

In Total:
Original- 42 stardollars
Now- 35 stardollars & 9 starcoins

Wow, these items really lost their value after a while! 

Comment & Follow ;)

-kkrrbb78 xoxo

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