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Hello Dollies.

I promised you in my last Post, that I will search for you the latest Spoilers.

& finally I found them now:

There are also some HotBuys items.
I really love the purple zebra shoes from the HotBuys August 2012! They look amazing and I can't wait for them!

But about the Spoilers, I don't really like them...The clothes are not my Style and I don't think I will buy something from them. But the Top with the Leoprint and the purple, green, blue and orange stripes looks gorgeous!

What do you think of them?

I'm going to tell you that I have take the decision that I don't leave this Blog and I will also not open a personal Stardollblog. The competitors are a lot and you need a lot of time for making a Blog really popular and good enough!

Tomorrow I start my new Job in a Office (Yeaah I'm 18 years old and I work things are different here in Switzerland^^) but it's only a Stage for 6 months :)

So I hope I can also make post for the Blog but maybe only on weekends.

I'm sorry.




  1. Anonymous8/13/2012

    I am sorry but your English suck.

    1. What? Her English sucks? didnt notice any mistake. If you would read her post you would understand that Shes from Switzerland and if she made any mistake u should remember that not everyone speak english everyday.

    2. Before you criticize someone, look at yourself, and you'll see that you're not that perfect to correct others!

      Also, you should support your beliefs by using your real name, the name "anonymous" shows that you are not brave enough even to support your sayings...

  2. Dear OrangeAnnax (my name is anna too xD)
    thank you for your support(:
    there are some people in the world who are simply jealous(;