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Harajuku Style ~Make-up Trends~

Alright this look took me forever. It took a bunch of brainstorming K-pop and TV
to get this. This user had made a comment on one of my post. I thought it was just the sweetest
So this is a gift to the blog and to this user
@nansy7 This is for you.

The look is called Harajuku. Its inspired by Harajuku style and 2NE1

So here is the picture

First you change the features
It should look like this
besides all of the jewelry (Its a glitch sorry)

The make-up you'll need is
Loccitane Blush stick
Loccitane Eyeshadow
(Pale pink color)
DOT black eyeshadow
(Valentines day collection/edition)
DOT black eyeshadow
DOT black liquid liner
DOT white liquid liner
DOT eye definer
DOT Kohl Black eyeliner
DOT White Eyeliner
DOT Volume Mascara
DOT Lengthing Mascara
DOT Peach Blush
Sunny Bunny False Lashes

Tear drops (3 in each eye)
Beauty marks
(design them anyway you like)
Black tear drops (ink tear drops)
Sunny Bunny
Nose Piercing Sunny Bunny

How much will it all cost together:
Over 200-300 stardollars/starcoins

This is what it should look like when you are done

I sure hope you enjoyed this post
Goodbye! Special shout out to @nansy7


  1. xaxax!thank you very much!you made me feel special!;*
    again, great work!