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June 2012: Hotbuys

My name is Demi, im 16 years old and im the new writer here in stardoll4coolgirls blog. I will be writing about HotBuys.. the new Hotbuys released and etc.
*I have a request.. Please comment on the posts I do with your thoughts and stuff.*
It would make me happier than ever. I hope you have a good time and I also hope my posts satisfy your requirements.


So enough with me. These is the June 2012 HotBuys Collection.

•HB Peace Scarf- 2nd June•
•HB Jungle Dress- 5th June•
•HB Shorts- 9th June•
HB Jungle gown- 11th June•
•HB Tassel Earrings- 14th June•
•HB Techno Top- 16th June•
•HB Plastic Basket- 19th June•
•HB Mesh Swimsuit- 22nd June•
•HB Techno Platforms- 25th June•
•HB Belt Swimsuit- 29th June•

Below you can see the HotBuys June 2012 Calendar I made.
My request.. if you want to copy the picture or anything please give credit to me.

(Click for the image to enlarge)

-What do you think of the new HotBuys? What will you be buying?


- Demi / ...sloggi...


  1. I love these hotbuys!I want everything

  2. Anonymous5/28/2012

    OMG! I totally love them. They are the best collection of hotbuys like EVER!
    By the way congrats Demi for making it as a writer. I love how you present them. You are cool
    -lola xx

    1. thank youu lola for all your good words♥


  3. Oh the calendar is so sweet! Love it :) It's nice to have you as a writer here, I love this blog even more now!

    1. thank you so much for your kind words :D♥ xx