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Makeup Trends

Hello My name is Nataliya. Its my first time posting on here.
I'm so excited to be excepted as a writer. Thank you so much
to Demi_Lovanto_2 for letting me be apart of her blog. She's the most nicest
person I know on Stardoll.

Makeup Trends

The classical black and white style white black and white eyeliner
How much does the make-up cost

Black eyeshadow
cost 6 stardollars

White eyeshadow
cost 5 stardollars

White eyepencil
cost 6 stardollars

Kohl black eyepencil
cost 6 stardollars

Lengthing mascara
cost 2 stardollars

Black liquid liner
cost 3 stardollars

White liquid liner
cost 3 starcoins

The total that you would spend is
25 starcoins

You can get it from DOT

The next trends that won't go out of style.... EVER!!

False eyelashes
They are from Sunny Bunny

How much does it cost:
Right eyelash
cost 6 stardollars

Left eyelash
cost 6 stardollars

lower right eyelash
cost 6 stardollars

lower left eyelash cost
6 stardollars

Well that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed my post

Goodbye~xoxoxo Nicholeia

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  1. Nice!can I ask you?as the time passes you will make more complicated make-up?