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Simple Fresh Look ~Make-up Trends~

Hello, I'm Nataliya aka Nicholeia. I've just been trying out new looks and everything.
Today I just wanted to do a natural look. I didn't wanna put on a whole lot of make-up on my doll.
I just don't have imagination right now. (LOL) So this is a cute natural look you can put on.

What all I used:
Loccitane Eyeshadow
(Pale Pink)

Loccitane Eyeshadow
(Pale Orange Eyeshadow)
DOT Peach Eyeshadow
DOT White Eyeliner
DOT Lengthing Mascara
DOT Peach Blush
Sunny Bunny Eyelashes
Beauty Mark

I sure hope you enjoyed this post
xoxoxox~ Nicholeia

1 comment:

  1. I smell fresh air and summer with this make up!