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Why I havent been posting.

Hi its me Nataliya again. I know you have noticed I am not posting alot. Its because I have somethings I need to take care of. I will be back very soon. i have to send back stuff its just so very hectic to put it that way. I am texting this out on my phone because I am way to sleepy to walk over to my desktop I gotta send beck. So it looks like this phone is all I have till next fall. I am really gonna miss my computer. Adam.

I am sorry I cannot post up my blog picture I am on my phone I didnt download it on here. I am still pretty new to this. We will just see how it goes I hate to keep babbling on So goodbye for now I will miss you all. Sincerly Nataliya


  1. How did you post from your phone?

    1. Well I have an android. All I did was sign into my Gmail account. After I did that I push on "new post" I typed out the post and BOOM. There you have it a new post.