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Simple Make-up Tips

Well, Hi there! I'm a new writer for this blog who's going to do make-up tips and tutorials! My name is Paige... Just by the way... Anyway, shall we start?

Okay, So, I don't have a lot of time today due to my mom and her procrastination... But, I could do this post. :D

So, I think we all know that over-using make-up is bad... Wait, not just bad... But insanely horrible. It's also not very pretty if you use clashing colors. So try to avoid those at all costs. Take these pictures for example:
This style is a "Do".. Depending on your outfit that you're wearing. So don't go and wear yellow eye-shadow with a red shirt.... Please... :)

Uhhh. This one.. Not so much of a "Do".. This is what I classify as a "Do not EVER".. Well, maybe a simple "Do-not" is better.... Eye shadow should never go up to your eyebrows unless you want to do some type of costume make-up for Halloween or something. Also, The colors clash and they aren't blended.... Aaannnddd the lipstick isn't the best thing in the world either... The reason being that it just doesn't flow with the other colors...
Make things make since when you are using make-up and colorful things. :)

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  1. Wow! That makeup looks pretty on that medoll!