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Pick of the day (November 3rd 2011)


Hey, I’m really sorry for not posting yesterday. It was because something serious happen in my family (Want to know? Ask me) that was devastating. But let’s get started on today’s pick. Today’s pick of the day is Quilted Charm Tote (purse) from Pretty n’ pink. On sale from 74 to 53. Also this is pick of the day is non-Superstar!!! And my opinion for you guys is…… BEAUTIFUL! I love this purse. Go buy it right now (Only if you like it) this is a fashionable purse! For you guys. Bye for now.    

1 comment:

  1. I hope Everything's okay with your a Family. I Like this, I Might Buy it because its not too expensive & will look good with a Nice outfit. Thank you for your post. - bracken1234