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Pick of the day (November 1st 2011)

Hi, I’m sorry for not wishing a happy Halloween I was too busy yesterday, but I hope you got tons on candy while trick or treating! Yesterday’s pick of the day was the same at the 30th pick of the day. So let’s get started on today’s pick of the day. Today’s pick of the day is Ulma Shoes from Killah. For 12 stardollars. And here is my opinion about it… I don’t like them. They look so fat on our skinny legs. LOL. Like I said go ahead and buy them if you like them. Bye for now. And hope you have a great November.    

1 comment:

  1. I hope you had a good Halloween. I Like them but i Dont think i will pay 12 Stardollers for them, if they were a little cheaper then I might have. Thank you for your post - bracken1234