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Interview with xrisaever9!!

Today I have an interview with xrisaever9!
Me: Hello! Can I have an interview with you?
xrisaever9: Of course!! :)
Me:Ok! Well, how much time are you in stardoll?
Xrisaever9: In the beggining I started with another doll and then I was had this, so I'm 3 years in stardoll!
Me:Wow! Em, do you ever won to a competition?
Xrisaever9:Yes, I was be 2 times and I was VERY happy!!
Me: =)! Do you think that you have made real friendships in stardoll word?
Xrisaever9:Yes, of course! They help me very times and they are very good with me too!

Me:By the first side this seems good, but have you ever fased a bad situation (at stardoll) like hacking attempts?
Xrisaever9:No,but if it happend i am sad! :(
Me:Ok! You are very good person! And I like that!
Xrisaever9:Thank you! You are very go

od person too!
 Xrisaever9 is very good person realy! And I am friend one of her friends at stardoll! :)
   If you want to go to xrisaever's suite go here! 



  1. Anonymous11/30/2011

    τα εχεις σκοτωσει τα αγγλικα!!

  2. Anonymous12/01/2011

    sorry alla ontwss