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Covergirl starts off as Catwalk Winner...shocker

Hey everyone, before I start posting I would like to thank all of you that have taken my survey. Most of the results were positive, and as always a few were a bit negative, but that's okay! So, anyways I was thinking of maybe doing some type of Doll Dish competition (with Ghadeers permission, of course.) I'm not sure what to do. My posts aren't the best, but they aren't the worst, so I was thinking if I had a contest, some people would look at my posts more. What do you think? Any suggestions? Please comment!

-Makeup Rating
-Suite Rating
-Outfit Rating
-Final Thoughts

If you guys have any requests, please comment!

Makeup Rating
Like any other stardoll member, Sitora001 follows many trends. For her makeup, Sitora used white LUXE eyeshadow, black eyeliner, false eye lashes, and a hot pink lip color. I personally really like her makeup! Outstanding job, Sitora! Like everything, when there are pros, there are cons. I really wish she didn't use those false eyelashes. If you take them off, her makeup looks so much better! Anyways, I decided to give her a quick little makeover, I think It turned out great! What do you think?
I decided to add in the sunglasses for fun, just to mix things up. Make sure you click on the image to enlarge it. I did something like a rainbow smokey eye on her. I think it looks nice!
Final Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars!
Summary: Nice job, Sitora. I really wish you
 did not use the false eyelashes! :)

Suite Rating
Now, Sitora has an amazing suite, don't get me wrong. This many sound a little odd, but her suite actually kind of confuses me. Just like her makeup, Sitora may add things that are just...well, unnecessary! In the images below I circled the things that I believe just are not needed.

Especially for the third image ^ you can really see how these objects are not needed. Otherwise, I think Sitora did a marvelous job! If she took out those object she would get 5 stars...perhaps.
Final Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars
Summary: Just like her makeup, Sitora added unnecessary objects to her suite.

Outfit Rating
Here are the same pictures from the suite rating. I am in love with that outfit right above. It is fantastic! That bag just completely finishes that outfit! I love it! Her first outfit Is very stunning, too! Amazing job. I love her shoes as well in both outfits. I think sometimes It's better to have an amazing doll, instead of an amazing suite. 
Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Summary: Fanastic job, Sitora!

Final Thoughts
For Sitora's makeup, and suite she really used things that really were not needed. On the other hand, her outfits were amazing, and creative! Amazing job!




  1. I don't undersatnd what do you wrote!!! Sorry:( I don't understant the theme!

  2. Haha I would like to sign up for doll dish! You had dished me again for "halloween dish" so I think I am the last in line.. I;ve made many improvements on my suite I think from them :)
    My user name is DEMI_LOVANTO_2

  3. I Think its Nice :) I would love to sign up for Dolldish.

    @Demi_Lovanto_2: my e-mail is MissBooyah@hotmail.co.uk

    ~ bracken1234