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well done greece

Hey stardoll girls:)

I would to say ''congratulations'' to nikol_n
because she won 5th place Miss Stardoll World
and im sure, that all the greek people are proud about her.

Okay now, lets say some important things about her
Her name is Leta and she comes from Greece
Fave shops:
Miss sixty
Mark Jacobs
sonia rikiel

her achievements:
1 time miss greece
2 times 2nd place in album contest
1 time 4rd place in album contest
2 times 1st place in scenery contest
1 time 1st place international covergirl
1 time 3rd place in scenery
1 time 1st place in top broadcasters lists
6 times national covergirl

Well, that was me again! LorelayMat.
Love you soo much, xoxo

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