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My diary..

Saturday 15nth of October 2011

Dear diary, yesterday i understood many things make me wanna cry AND make me wanna smile.
I made two new best friends. When you have friends the whole world is so little and so pink for you. You are not empty.. you have someone to tell your secrets, someone to tell all your crazy dreams and someone to have a great time with. I read on books about girls that going out together on fast foods every Friday evening, that they are going to sleep together and dance all night, that they are making lyrics together, that they are playing guitar together trade clothes:D Now i know that ALL those things can be possible for me and that makes me fly up to the 7nth sky. I know that when i want to watch ''gossip girl'' i will just pick up my phone and the magic girl will be out of my door and tell me: "Lorelay, i brought a delivery brochure so we can buy pizza" Yea, that may seems crazy but for me its just a dream. And here comes love! Its not so perfect that friendship but it also make your head spin round (girls you know what i mean) and oh! here comes the popularity and.. okay everyone wants to be in one's school but its a bit hard. I mean, when your great enemy had a big sister that all the high school knew, then its hard! But i am proud of myself because i got popular in my school by my own. So those thoughts betray me that when i want something i can have it and when i find the right way to do it then everyone can admire me -i don't talk for myself-. I also learned that its not too good when you trust EVERYBODY. And that great times, will be just a memory..

Well, that was my first part of my diary

i hope you liked it!
Love you sooo much, xoxo Lorelay

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