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OMG new writer OMG

Hello guys! It's Lorelay there, a new writer:) I am very very happy for writing here, so i can share my thoughts with you. In our journey you will see my personal DIARY. But its going to give you advices and tips for stardoll. It is going to be like i live in stardoll. I hope you will enjoy my diary and you will have fun through it. Please if you dont agree with the things i write tell it to me so i will can try to make my diary better for you. So! Here are some facts about me, you have to know before you read my diary.

My name is Lorelay and I come from Greece. I live in Athens and I am 14 years old. In my free time I like hanging out with my friends or watching mouvies. I LOVE smouthies and orange juice. On Saturdays i go jogging with my best friend ChrisMat. I go to a dance academy and i dance classic ballet, moderns and hip hop. I also play the piano for 8 years and i like photography and psychology. My favorite country is Netherlands and United Kingdom especially Scotland. I listen to rock, alternative rock, dance, house and hip hop music and my favorite songs are ''dream on'' ''tell me baby'' ''smells like teen spirt'' ''promiscius'' ''big girls dont cry'' ''sweat'' ''who wants to be alone'' ''love is for free'' ''you belong with me'' and all the songs from Paramore. I like winter but i also like summer. I am absolutely GIRLY and i am proud about it:D I wanna so to all of you that is GREAT TO BE A TEENAGER.

Love you sooo much ,
LorelayMat xoxo

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