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Hey guys... I have just read something from the blog stardollforgreece.blogspot.com .. It's something many girls have put at their presentations... It's a story..
" A small kid, sais his mom 'Mommy I drawed with your lipstick at the bed ' The angry mother hits him until he stopped breathing.. Mother repentant beg her little kid to open his eyes... But it's too late.. The small heart has stopped beating... After some minutes, she goes to the bedroom and reads 'Mummy I love you!' on the bed.. "

Oh My God, I cried when I read the story... It gets on my nerves when I realise that there are thousands of these people in the world.. No I am wrong. There are millions of these people in the world... So paste that story at your blog, at the blog you are writer in, at your presentation or somewhere to pass the message to everyone... WE MUST STOP IT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!


  1. I already read it.It's to bad :(

  2. Anonymous5/28/2011

    :( what a mean mother !

  3. Anonymous6/09/2011

    Sad.. /: