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Hey guys i have come up with this idea ! Every Saturday we will have an iteam of the week ! (fashion of course) so we will start that next week anyway ...i aboustly love rihanna :) and her music but i dont think the dress she wore at the billboard awards did her any good ! 
elisavetdella showed us pics 

of the awards but here are some  interesting dresses

   or should i say jumpsuit !  here are some other outfits 

   sorry but i just love this dress ! 

 Niki minaj  

there was a very high standard  at these awards and some celebs wore BEAUTIFUL dresses but others lets say experimented ! and i personly like.celebs that are like that ! so the words i use are ...

                                              EXPERIMENT IS THE WAY  
                                                                                                       mwah xxxluvxx

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