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Spoilers out in Starplaza

Hello dollies

I was looking for new Spoilers, but then I saw that they are in Starplaza !

It's really annoying when Spoilers comes out the same day as they release the clothes in Starplaza.

Here are the Picture of the new Shop Anna Sui Tribute and the new Luxe Collection:

The clothes costs between 11 and 24 SD
The Bags costs 12 and 28 SD
And all other accessoires costs between 6 and 13 SD

The new LUXE Collection is really cute I think.
The prices are the same like the other LUXE Eye Dust 22 SD

I have bought some Anna Sui Tribute clothes and accessories.
The LUXE Collection is cute, but I didn't buy anything 'cuz I don't use a lot of Eyeshadow for my Doll.

What about you?



1 comment:

  1. I haven't bought anything :)

    ~ bracken1234