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New blogger :D

Hello I am the new writer on the block XD !!!!My name is coolytinno2 and here's some stuff about me :

1.My real name is Tina 
2.I am 11 yrs old
3.I live in Greece
4.I have a kitty ;]
5.I have a bro ;[
6.I will be going to 6th grade next year ;D
7.My SD account is 1 yr old :DDDDDDDD
8.I will be posting about Celebrity makeups 

So I am in a rush and I have to go buy some stuff for my new room ...I'll post a makeup later !!!PROMISEEEEE!!!(neither later or tommorow...)

Byeeee !!!

P.s. If you do banners ,tell me ...I need a new one!

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  1. Anonymous6/02/2012

    This is not your banner... it was originally made by Martusia_144.