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New blogger and stardesign clothes,interior,jeverly and hair!

Hello!I'm a new blogger here!My stardoll name is iokoia and I'm writing for the stardesign clothes,hair,interior and jeverly!
Firstly I'm going to show you a Beluchiitaa's design:This is really cool and I really like it!:)
Now I'm going to show you a FeirreraLove's design: If you want to buy it write at her guestbook that you want to buy it and she will make one for you!
Now I want to show you a really cool design!This is a dodzyy's design!I really like it!
And for the and I want show you a hair design:This is the best hair design I've ever seen!I really love it!Isn't it really cool?!

That's all for today!See you again tomorrow with more designs!