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it's Fashion time

Hey all
This is my first real post :)

I'm gonna show you some really cute outfit i made, 
for ss and for non-ss

Ss Outfit : 

What i used :

Voile  - Tulle Ruffel Bow Dress - 15sd
Film Theory  - Pantyhose - 7sd
Pretty n'Love - Pink Rhinestone Handle Bag - 5sd
Velved Orchid - Straight Web Ankle Boots - 6sd

This whole cute outfit for 33sd!

Non-Ss Outfit :

What i used : 

Spectacular - Sunlasses pink summer - 60sc
Velved Orchid - Grey and Pink dress - 145sc
Decades - Grey tigh High tights - 61sc
Basics - Basic Fuschia Ballet Flats - 15sc
Velved Orchid - Milky way Purse - 43sc

This whole cute outfit for 324sc!

Hopefully you liked my firt post :D


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