Our sweet followers :] Goal: 300!


Free 100 starcoins, and 2 interiors :)

Have you seen the new "safer internet" contest?
Do you wanna get from it 100 starcoins,
and these:
(thanks to HTGF for these 2 images)

Then follow these steps!

1. Go here.
2.Click to the 1st calendar leaflet.
3. You will see a question. Reply like this:

4. Hit "answer". 
You got the chair :D

5. Now click the 2nd calendar leaflet. 
6. Reply the question like this:

7. Hit "answer".
You got 50 starcoins.
8. Click the 3rd calendar leaflet.
9. reply the question like this:
10. click "answer".
You got the vase :)
11. Now go to the4th calendar leaflet.
12. Reply the quesiton like this:

13. Click"answer"
You got 50 starcoins more :)

Hope I helped :D

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