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How to Make Closed Eye Lids

To make the closed eye lids just follow these steps:
-Pick earring, choose colour, and style too
-Zoom in (optional-but recommended)
-To get the eye lids use the blue feather(ON PAGE 2)-it is in the 5th coloumn(up and down) 3rd row(side to side)
-Pick the colour you want place it over the eye-you will need to make sure that the black part of the feather is facing towards the ear
-To get the lashes use the turquoise feather-(ON PAGE 2)-it is im the 4th coloumn(up and down) 4th row (side to side)
-Flip the lashes to the correct place and choose the colour you want (black recommended)

If you want to see if you have done them correctly check out my medoll

Hope This Helped
Ace1721(ps i am the newest writer here-hope to help u guys more often)

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