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Bubble Gum Make-up :D

Today I have a day off from school. Thank goodness! So I made this :D It's pink... So it made me think "Oh hey.... Gum :D"

You're going to need:

Hot Pink eye dust/Pink Camation eye dust from Luxe, Cashmere Rose/White Collection/Black Kohl liner from DOT, Blush of your choice if you wish to use it, and lipstick of your choice! And obviously mascara :)

To start off: Put two coats of the Pink Camation dust on your lids but g above the crease. Next, Take the Hot Pink dust and go to the crease with it and overlay the outer corners of your eyes. Now all that's left to do with the eyes is put the liner on! Then add your blush and your lipstick and your'e done! You can do what ever you want with the last few parts (Starting at the eye pencils), I tried many different ways, they all looked great!

Have fun!! -Skullbuddy1/Paige

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