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Perfect Nails!

Hey everyone (= I am here, the last day of 2011, with you, to show you the best nails I've ever seen on stardoll.. they belong to one really beautiful girl, miladyfashion! Let's see some photos of her and then I can tell you some things about her (=

And now, her nails (=
Let's zoom one of them.. :
And.. Don't forget that this is only one of them, if you can see them in the picture with all her fingers, they have not the same design. She is soo creative ((=

So now, I'm gonna tell you some things about her:

Her name is Alexandra but everyone calls her Alex.
She lives in Italy but she was born in the capital of Hungary, Budapest.
She is 14 years old and she was born on the 26th of Ocrober.
She speeks Italian, English and a little Hungarian.
She has won Covergirl on the 4th of May (2010) but she has also been in the 5 most voted girls other times too.
She has also won Best Scenery on the 10th of July and Best Album the next day ;p
An other achievement is that she has been in the Top Designers for over two weeks. Right now, she is the first ;DD

That was really good for her, bcz as she has written on his presentation he likes designing her own clothes (and her suite)

Hope you liked it (= Happy new year (=

Posted by: Christine|Χριστίνα|ChisMat

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