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Christmas Make-up!

Well, we all know that Christmas is right around the corner! Only 2 days away! And Our family still has shopping to do.. O.O Haha, But that's not what this is about. I was thinking: "Hmm, why haven't I seen any red and green stuff going on?!" So, I made this! *Drum roll*


Yeah.... I did make a tutorial video.. But for some reason, when I uploaded it, it wanted to spaz out and not function properly... :/ FAIL. But yeah, You're going to need Tigerlilly eyeshadow and Pear eyeshadow from DOT, Poppy Red eye dust and Pasture green eye dust from Luxe, Mascara and Sunny Bunny lashes, and then some lipstick of your choice if you wish to do this look :]

Merry Christmas!!
-Paige/Skullbuddy1 :]

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