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Hey guys, If you read my posts on Ghandoora94.blogspot.com this will look familiar, I am now writing about "Doll Dishing" or "Covergirl Dish" because I will be able to post more! Enjoy(:

Today for doll dish, I am "dishing" on one of my good friends, Jennie. She's been writing for my blog for a while, and I've been writing for hers as well, check her out! Click HERE to visit her :D

Anyways, today's topics are...

What I've decided to do Is mix up the topics, depending on if I know you, If you have good graphics, etc.

So, anyways, let's get started!

I really love MissElydia1999's hair color. When I first when to her suite, that was the first thing I noticed. It's very pretty, and different. Good choice, Jennie! Her lip color matches her eyeshdow and blush perfectly! The only thing I would change is wearing loads of fake eyelashes! Besides that, well done! I'm impressed!

4 Stars 

As you can tell in the picture above of MissElydia1999 and her suite she has many rare items, including the DKNY Scuba Dress, Hot Buys General Jacket, and the DKNY Ikat Prince Dress. She also has various items from the early DKNY shops. I got to say, I'm very, very jealous of all of her items! I wish I could have some for cheap! Anyways, I really like how she displays her rares. It just makes you want to say "Wow." The only thing I would improve upon (in some rooms, not all) is to match furniture better, otherwise amazing job, Jennie!

4 Stars

Jennie is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet on stardoll, so If you really need advice, or need to rant about something, talk to her. I have many other friends on stardoll that are nice as well :D Many people on stardoll cyber-bully or just judge way too much, Jennie isn't one of them. She's kind, and thoughtful. I wish I could meet her, because no one I know is as sweet as her :)

5 Stars

As you probably noticed, you don't really see suites or dolls like Jennie's around stardoll--or at least, I don't! Jennie really shows her own creativity, by avoiding average stardoll trends, and making up her mind about what SHE wants her suite to look like. Of course, she may follow some other dolls footsteps on stardoll like everyone else, but she is unique in her own way!
4 Stars!

Final Rating....
4 Stars!
Nice Job, Jennie!

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  1. hehe i Read Your Posts in Both Blogs :D She is Really pretty, I Like her Style. Thank you for the Post

    ~ bracken1234