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Interview with haritini3!

Today I have for you an interview with haritini3! 
Me: Hello!
haritini3: Hello!
Me: Can I get an interview?
haritini3: Of course!
Me: Well, I can i ask you some questions?
haritini3: Yes!
Me: How long have you been on
haritini3: Approximately 1 year.
Me: The same doll?
haritini3: I had 2 others but this was my home!
Me: Great!
haritini3: =)
Me: Have you ever come ncg or
haritini3: Yes, I go out once ncg.
Me: What you felt at that moment?
haritini3: To tell you the truth was very confused history.I was having 1 to 2 days to get in to my account and when I was flying and I learned from my joy!
Me: Wow! Well done you!
haritini3: Thank you very much! But I support my friends!
Me: Since you said now friends, you make real friends on
haritini3: Yes, with many of them I speak of camera and I want to see them in the real worl!
 And here ended our interview!

 Haritini3 is indeed very good person!
To get to the suite of GO HERE! 


  1. Awesome Interview. Thank you

    ~ MissBooyah

  2. Anonymous11/20/2011

    agapara m teleia sunenteuxi ekanes bravo!na s pw 8a grafw ws anonumos epeidi otan sundeomai me tn logariasmo m m leei oti dn mporw na anevasw sxoleio!:(((( tespa egw eimai i Alexa s!(IcyTrendyAlexa)

  3. Anonymous11/20/2011

    axou alexoula m !! thank you!!!

  4. Anonymous11/23/2011

    ekanes orthografika la9h :/ teleia sinenteuksh!!!

  5. xaritini m teleia synenteu3h mpravo!!!