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Hey guys, It's kkrrbb78! (: Welcome to Wednesday's Doll Dish Post! 

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As I said before, It truly means a lot for writers to get many nice comments. I would have to say that 90% of the time Eris always comments on my posts! It really means so much to me. Personally, I don't know her that well. We never really talk on stardoll at all, but I could tell that she is someone who will brighten your day! You can really tell that she is kind if you read her presentation!
5 Stars

Eris really displays her makeup in an amazing way. You can't find someone else on stardoll 
with the same unique makeup. Honestly, I really like it! She used her makeup in a great
way. It's not too noticeable, but it really does bring out her eyes! The colors aren't my favorite
colors, but her makeup is really pretty!
4 Stars

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Outfit Rating
When I first saw Eris' outfit I laughed. I love how she gave herself 3 bags! It's very cute! I really like her shirt, necklace, and pants. The necklace just completes the outfits (aside from the bags of course) and It's nice and simple. The only thing I really don't like about her outfit is her sunglasses. They cover up her makeup! Instead, I would make my me-doll hold them, or put them on my me-dolls head. Otherwise, well done!
4 Stars

Presentation Rating
I really, really like Eris' presentation! It's simple and the purple just is stunning! It's gorgeous and simply unique. I'm jealous of it! Good choice of colors, basically all of the colors match. Instead of using the yellow I would maybe use white, or pink. It would go better with the purple and grey! Besides that, impressive presentation! Well Done!
4 Stars

Final Rating....
4.5 Stars!

Very impressive, Eris!

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  1. Your comments are really good and I really like Eris! She is really unique and friendly with everybody :D

    OMG I'M NEXT! Can't wait for you to judge me!

  2. Love her Style :D Thank you for the Post.

    ~ bracken1234