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A great medoll : CrystalsJoy2

HI dollies ! Today I will saw youa  great doll  CrystalsJoy2 !I will saw you her designs and her medoll . So :

her medoll :
Outfits :

And now my favourite part ! Her designs (Some of them):

She has an eye for fashion ! I love her designs ! To view her doll click

kisses , pitifriki


  1. Wow! Love her Outfits. Some of her Designs are Great As well. Thank you for the post

    ~ bracken1234

  2. I know her.....she is kinda good but why you took her and not CrystalsJoy ??? She is WAY better than the 2nd account! But anywayz, check CrystalsJoy out and if you think she is outstanding make a post about her :D

  3. OK I will if u want it ~!