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A great doll , aliciaSilk !

Hi dollies ! Today's great doll , is aliciaSilk . Have a look at some of  her suites :

Some of her outfits :

Her medoll :

She has big imagination ,style and she is herself ! For me she is one of the great medolls in stardoll !
Visit to see her other rooms !
See ya !

kisses , pitifriki


  1. I don't like her. She has not a really good character. I once went to tell her that what she was doing was unfair, she didn;t stopped it, I contacted stardoll then, because she was doing an unfair thing and she reported me and blocked me and send about 10 fake dolls I think (or fake dolls of a friend of her) with names like death monsters to scare me. I don;t like her, she shouldn;t be posted here.

  2. I Love her Suite. Thank you for the Post

    ~ bracken1234