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Okay guys, today I have to cut this post a little short, so I will only be doing three topics. Sorry guys! Anyways, next week's Dish is on the cover girl probably, but still comment! 

The topics today are...
-Suite Rating
- Outfit Rating

B.E.P.Fan_4ever  has been working for my blog for a little while now, but I have to say she is 
very nice. She always comments on all of my posts, and she's very sweet. Again, like all of my other 
doll dishes with all of my fellow bloggers she is very nice. So, check her out!
5 Stars

Suite Rating
If you didn't know, B.E.P.Fan_4ever is not a superstar. So, her suite won't have many items in it, 
but for an un-superstar good job! I'm really impressed, her furniture matches very well! Stunning,
and beautiful room. It could use some more color though, I think. There's a little too much
pink, but If she likes it than that's okay! Otherwise, nice job!
4 Stars

Outfit Rating
WOW. B.E.P.Fan_4ever's outfit is amazing! Honestly I LOVE It! Everything matches perfectly. You can
just tell how she didn't automatically just get a dress from her closet and put it on. This outfit took time to 
pick out! For an un-superstar, amazing! I love it!
5 Stars!

Final Rating...
4.5 Stars!


  1. Love it, Thank you for the Post.

    ~ bracken1234

  2. I really love the first picture!!

  3. OMG! Thank you! I really didn't think I would have such a good rating! Thank you again kkrrbb78 :DDD

  4. i love her house!!!!♥♥