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New Writer Here! :D

Hola evrybody!
I am pretty excited about this oportunity to be a writer to this amazing blog and I believe that we will have great time together!!!
So first of all let me introduce myself..I am Maria and I am 15 years old.I live in Greece and I love Stardoll :). My name on stardoll is PinkSantal(you can add me if you want =])And yes I love Twilight too! xD I am team Jacob and I can't wait to see the Breaking Dawn Part 1 This November!In Stardoll I love Mortal Kiss.I want to become a Starbloger in the future and I love parties!In real life now, I am in the first year of high school and I have two best friends!!! :)
I will write about new shops and all the amazing (or not) clothes, accessories and interior they have.I believe it is very intersting learning more information about where did the Stardoll get inspired all this clothes and seeing how they look in real life.
That's all about me!Have fun reading!!!
Byebye :)


  1. Nice to meet you Maria and
    Good luck!!! :D